how long does it take to change the linings?

  1. :cursing: Gosh I am sooo mad! Was at LV two days ago to help my cousin pick up birthday gift for aunt and granny(their b-day is 1 day apart )-separate post, and when i asked if my Sonatine is back from the repair, the SA brought it out to me, and i was like oh they didn't change the lining under the flap, upon closer examnation, it turn out the stupid SA in charge of sending to repair shop didn't even send it out yet! It was in store since 1-19, given pick up date of Feb 1 w/my hot stamp items too. And now they hadn't send it out b/c "the girl in charge want to wait for more pieces and then ship it out"!?!?!? WTH?!? :lecture: w/all the profit LV is making, i can't believe SA have to wait for certain amount of repair item to come before send it out, it's just unbelievable! Besides it's not even free, i had to pay 130 for it.....

    Needless to say, my hot stamp items weren't ready either, b/c is still in the shop.....gosh LV SA sucks! not to mention the one that was 'helping' us kept twisting her broken nails the whole time:cursing: she's lucky i didn't ask to see more Nomade lines, or she'd scratch em all.....EWWWW

    Thanks for letting me vent, so how long does it take for lining change?
  2. They did the same thing with my Speedy - they do wait for a certain amount of items before shipping. I think it was about 3-4 weeks before mine went out for repair - and then about 3-4 months for the actual repairs.
  3. good lord, had i knew it's going to take that long for them to ship out(From SA to Dallas), i'd ship it myself!
  4. I had all the leather replaced on my Alma and it only took 4 weeks total. I guess I was lucky.
  5. WOW. I would ask to talk to the store manager.
  6. whoa, i would talk to that store mgr asap. none of this crappy rude sa crap. not from LV. you don't have to deal with any crap from them.
  7. I didn't find out they waited so long till an SA let it slip accidentally - I was pretty upset.
  8. Thats crazy! they should send it out the day after you bring it there!
  9. j'aime_vuitton: I KNOW, it the service is free then i'd be gladly keep my mouth shut, but I had to pay for it! I honestly don't think the Dallas LV mind receive single piece here and there, b/c i am sure there's someone onsite just for the repair job. The problem is the SA in my city that's lacking effort, common, just ring up fedex and they will come to store to pick the shipment, it's not like i ask her to drive all the way to post office!

    John: I so want to call the mangager, but i was afriad if SAs will treat me w/different 'look', cuz it's so slow in here, and the SA will know who call on her since my cousin and i were the only pp there during that whole time......wish my Chanel SA can help me on LV.....