how long does it take to break into patents???

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Nov 7, 2010
hey guys,

so i got my first pair of CL - black patent ron ron 85, as i thought these wouldbe good for an all day pair, and they are comfy for about 10 minutes - they are definately the right size as the 37.5 was literally flapping off my feet and the 36.5 werent even big enough to get my foot in!

so i wore them today and i walked about outside in them (and totally scratched off all the red lacquer) but anyway, it was painful.
so i guess my question is, is this just the initial breaking in phase, or is that how theyre going to feel all the time..

i wanted to buy a few more pairs but i want to hold off until i know that they can be comfy-ish.

sorry for the thesis!

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