How long does it take to break in a bbag?

  1. I love that broken in look of the bbag. How long does it take to break one in? Do you have to wear it every day?
  2. From personal experience, it depends on the bag's leather when new. I had one bag that, for some reason, broke in very quickly, maybe the leather was softer to begin with. A trick for new bags is to hang it by the handles with a heavy book or two inside for a few days and use your bag a lot!!
  3. ^I agree, it does depend on the leather.

    The leather on my Cities was always really soft, so they broke in verrry quickly (within the first wear they were smooshy and slouchy).
  4. this is exactly what i do to mine when not being used, hanging by my closet door!!
  5. I've been using my Plomb Work almost everyday. And it has broken in very fast, very slouchy and smooshy now, almost like melted. I got the bag just last month.
  6. Moisturiser, hanging with a heavy load and daily use, improved my stiff dull black RH Work a lot in about 3 weeks.
  7. yea it depends on the style as well as the leather of the SS07 city broke in in about 2 weeks or so!
  8. Are we able to break in the "First" Bbag just like other bigger Bbags? I will receive my new First anytime from now but I heard from seller that it is bit stiff, on the thin side and distressed. Appreciate all the advises and methods to break in the first if we would be able to...TIA! :heart:
  9. they are harder to breakin then bigger bags, I've found that stuffing it helps!
  10. to me, the best to break a bag in is just to use it and take it everywhere! if you're okay with moisturizing your bbag, some ladies like to use apple leather conditioner to make a new bag softer.
  11. i think constant use is the best way to break in a bbag no matter what the style is. just take your bag out everywhere and if you can overload it abit; of course not to the point you can't zip the top but just enough that everything fits in comfortably.
  12. Good thread! I just received my 2 new FIRST and found it quite stiff. My mogano is a bit softer than the sienna though. I didn't know that you have to break into it to get the squisshy feel as everyone talks about.
  13. Use It!!! Alot!! =)
  14. just use it. The experience of breaking in the bbag will just help your addiction and make you love the bag even more. It really is an amazing process! haha I sound like i am talking about pregnancy or something but whatever!!!!!
  15. to me, the only part that needs breaking in is the handles due to the way the bag is. cos to me it doesn't have to slouch like the other styles. i was also wondering how i could break the handles since the bag's so small i can't put in much and i don't have bricks or weights the size of the bag, lol. in the end, i conclude that you just have to keep carrying it by the handles (either handheld or over your forearm) and when not in use, hang it by the handles with a book or two inside. yes, stuffing it does help if you wish to soften up the body.