How long does it take to be approved for the Marketplace?

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  1. Hi there, so I applied, sent a message as the directions say to do, to be allowed to join the Marketplace, I have read many posts with many stating that they have applied numerous times with no response, sometimes waiting and waiting, even with over 3000 posts under their belt. Does anyone know what is up with that? does the Marketplace really exist?
    And the most important question of all,
    Am I going to get in trouble for asking this on here??? Any info would be so appreciated!
  2. What and where is the marketplace?
  3. I had been wondering about the Marketplace as well, glad you asked the questions. I'm very curious as to what people have to say, thanks op!
  4. there is a thread in the FEEDBACK area of the forum ab0ut this..LV is the INCORRECT place for this thread
  5. I knew I would get scolded for putting this in the incorrect place! I swear I can never figure out where it goes, and how in the world would I know to put it in the Feedback thread area??????? things could not be more cloudy when trying to figure this out!
  6. If it's not about LV, it doesn't go in LV :biggrin:
    Pretty much ANY questions about our website go in Feedback Dropbox, if you do a search, you'll find a GIANT thread there :yes:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.