How long does it take the handles to change color?

  1. Just curious! I have had my Speedy now for about one month and the handles haven't really changed much. I kinda want them to change.
  2. There's been numerous threads on this. Some just "tan" it in the sun, use leather conditioner to deepen the color. Some even take their bag in the tanning beds w/ them! I guess normal wear will darken them eventually especially w/ all the natural oils on your hands.
  3. People take them into the tanning beds? Hahaha! That's so funny!
  4. Mine is changing .....sorta. Jasanna I love your avatar.:biggrin:
  5. Ha! Thanks girl! :lol: It's my Easter avatar..can't wait for next holiday!!!!
  6. It can vary so much. I saw a woman with--what I thought--was an older Boulogne, and yet she swore she'd only had it for three months. I didn't get that kind of patina on my Speedy for a year!
  7. it seems to turn faster in the sunlight than without the sun. when I had my bags in a shady area of the house it took longer than if I put it by a window by the sunlight.