how long does it take the Ergo hobo to "relax"?

  1. I rec'd the medium-sized brown Ergo Hobo for's very stiff and not slouchy at all (like the one at the store)

    how long does it take to "relax" some? Should I stuff it with some weight and hang it up?
  2. I have the medium in khaki/mahogany (I got it in July). After I had carried it for a couple weeks, it started to loosen up and slouch. It just takes some use to break in the bag.
  3. excellent...thanks!
  4. That's good to hear! I got a medium belted Ergo hobo in Khaki/Black and I was wondering the same thing!
  5. i have the med. which i got in july and after having stuff in it and carrying it for a few days it got really slouchy. which reminds me, it's my favorite bag, and I should be using it more!!!!!!!!
  6. I say USE the bag stuffed w/ your stuff in her and go OUT w/ her for a while, and then she will relax and slouch...mine does! YOU will love this bag!!! She's a winner!!!!
  7. Great question! I bought one these a few months ago and ended up returning because it sat stiff on my shoulder even with my stuff it (unlike the chelsea hobos which lay nicer once your stuff is in it).

    So, it sounds like it might be worth another try...but what if you have some but not tons of stuff in there. My purse always ends being something my husband considers as his backpack when we go I don't have it completely full of stuff.
  8. I was thinking the same thing.. I think the bag is cute, but everytime I have tried it on in the boutique the strap looks like a triangle on my shoulder.. maybe it just needs to be broken in and then it would be a great bag. :shrugs: Does anyone have any modeling pics? I just posted about that, and am very interested to see someone with it on! TIA!!! :tup:
  9. you should put heavy stuff in it :p
  10. i agree, put some heavy stuff in it. i have a leather one and a sig one. the leather one slouched a lot faster and the sig is still a little stiff but i love them all. i actually have 2 sigs..hehe
  11. anyone have some pics they want to share? :shrugs: :flowers:
  12. I'm assuming you mean to put heavy stuff in it temporarily. Correct?

  13. I have the plum belted leather ergo and found it broke in right away. I got the medium which was large enough for me, but when I use it, its pretty full, so maybe the weight in it has something to do with it. Here's a crappy photo of mine.
    ergo smallest.JPG
  14. That is one beautiful bag you've got there! :tup:
  15. see...I received TWO new bags for Christmas this year...a Carly from my husband and the brown signature Ergo from my brother. I figured I'd use my carly now...and switch to the Ergo at the end of january (on my birthday...heheh...cause my brother said "see this? it's christmas /slash/ with it" ( brother did WAY too much - a bag, the legacy pony tail scarf, AND a coach gift card!)

    I think since the weather is rather iffy outside, and I have my legacy scarf tied to my carly (don't want rain/snow to ruin it)..maybe I will bust out the ergo for running errands...

    thanks all!