How long does it take LV to heat stamp a bag?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I want to get my Epi speedy heat stamped. I am going away for a week next week but won't be able to pick up my bag for two weeks. Do you think this would be enough time for them to heat stamp it? I don't want to part with my baby for too long...:biggrin: . If you had your LV stamped, how long did it take them? And do they heat stamp Epi leather? Also, is it faster to drop it off at a store that actually has that service or would it take just as long if I dropped it off at a store that would send it out? Sorry for all the questions!

  2. it usually takes about 2 or 3 days, at least here.
    you can't hot stamp the epi leather but you can get it done on the even leather below the handles.
  3. Yep, under the handles is what I meant! Thanks!

    And another question...should I just stamp my first and middle initials (just in case my last name changes?...not that I have any plans to get married any time soon but then, again, I buy LV to last me for years!!!!) or should I just go ahead and use my first and last initials?
  4. i personally like ti only on the insides of bags or painted on the corners of luggage ther eis something about the intials on the handles that i dont like! imo they shouldnt takt long and if they do complain and they will hurry it up, they told me it would be a week i came back in 12 or so days and it wasnt dont yet i craped on abotu them lossing thier reputation and they were miraculously done in 1/2 hour
  5. Actually it's depend on your SA because my SA always do heat stamped for me on the day i buy LV's goods.
  6. does anybody know if it costs something to have it done? if yes, how much?

    also, where in the bag are the initials stamped?
  7. its free with anything (obviously authentic ) lv on the inside anywhere you like or if its a handbag on the (usually diamond shaped area) where teh handles conect to the bag.
  8. ^ wow, fast response, thanks a lot!

    do i need the receipt for doing that?
  9. I don't think so. I was told that if I move, I can always go to the LV store in the new area and have it heatstamped.
  10. when i bought my cerises keepall, i waited for only 30 minutes to have it done... :smile: the SA told me that i can also bring my other Lv bags if i want to have them personalized... for free :smile:
  11. I just had mine done, and it took almost 10 days for them to get it back to me, It came out really nice so I didn't complain. Their explanation was that they had to ship to the fifth avenue store, and then wait for them to ship it back to Westchester, and then Westchester shipped it to me. Seems it would have been easier to just drive down to fifth avenue myself, but I didn't think about it til later. Oh well, I'll know next time.
  12. i just called my local LV store and they told me that i should bring the receipt with me. i think it's because there are so many fakes out there...
  13. See, I don't want to go down to Fifth Avenue...I'd rather drop it off at the Westchester and have them ship it to NYC and then when I come back from vacation in two weeks, I'll go and pick it up at the Weschester. Hopefully it won't take more than 2 weeks...I don't want to part with my speedy for long!

    What did you have done? Heat stamping? Or painting? I want them to paint my initials in silver to match the silver hardware on the bag. I'll have to call them and ask if that's possible.
  14. does anyone have a picture of what the heatstamping looks like? :winkiss:
  15. somebody please post a pic of a heat stamped LV purse. thanks!