How long does it take for the vachetta to reach a really dark patina?

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  1. I guess i am quite the opposite from many bag-lovers here because i really am not a fan of patina on beautiful, clean vachettas :P

    How long does it take for the handles to reach that really dark and almost a blackish colour?

    I am really worried about the handles turning dark in a year or 2 and had been sticking to damier instead of venturing out so hopefully i will be able to gain some insights to this :sweatdrop:
  2. it depend on many factors.. how often u carry, moisture on yr hands, sunlight etc..:yes:
  3. thank you for your reply =)

    unfortunately, i am currently back in hot, humid singapore so it means that it will turn darker faster right? :borg1:

    my country rains all the time too.

    ah, the woes of always falling in love with stuff that are the least practical.
  4. ^^^Yes, unfortunately, the climate you live in has all the factors that darken vachetta faster...heat, humidity, rainy weather. You can try a leather protectant and see if that helps slow the process a bit. Also, when storing, a cool & dry place is best. I honestly don't think that it will take just 1 or 2 years for vachetta to turn super dark but when that time comes, LV offers a vachetta replacement service for a fee.
  5. like for a mono speedy will they replace the handels
  6. Depends on how much you use it. How much sunlight it is exposed to.
  7. yes they can replace just the handles, or the piping as well.
  8. Thank you ladies for the info., I am learning.
  9. in a hot and humid place it will probably reach it's max within 2 years.