How Long does it take for the skin to get used to a new product??HELP!

  1. Hi everyone! it's me again! thanks for helping me out on my previous postings :yahoo: but here's a new problem that I encountered.

    so my mom went to asia and got me the newest line (I think it is only available in asia) Estee Lauder Nutritious SPF 50 - which is quite nice, absorbs fast, a lil too oily but smells really nice..

    however, after using it for the first day, I realized that my pimples have increased..actually, I should say..there are pimples growing!! (small but growing) I didn't have any pimples before :wtf: and I'm thinking that it might be this product since I do think it is quite oily!!

    but it's such a waste if I don't finish's been a week and my pimples are still growing :crybaby:
    how long does it take a person's skin to get used to a new product? or should I just stop using it??
    what would u do?

    thanks again ladies!!:heart:
  2. It can take your skin up to 30 days to adjust to a new product. That being said there are limitations to the if you get about 5 blemishes that is pretty normal, if you get 15...not so normal.
    I'm not familiar with that line, it could have an occlusive oil like mineral oil that is causing your new breakouts. Maybe check out the ingredients.
  3. If you didnt breakout before & you have started to after using the product, I would stop using it. You said yourself the product is oily so it is probably too emollient for your skin. HTH