how long does it take for it to sink in

  1. for those members who have made mistakes in their purchases, who have felt regret - how long does it take to conclude the item is wrong for you? do you live with it for a year, with a nagging feeling? do you get home and go "whoops!" what?


    what made you take the item home to begin with? what made you ignore the reservations you had? was it safety - wanting to stick with a certain color? was it boldness - trying to force yourself to break the mold, try something new?
  2. HH, for me it's question of loving how a bag looks vs. loving how it looks on me. It can take me anywhere from a day to a couple of years to figure this out. If I have the right outfit on, a bag that seemed wrong the last time I tried to carry her can be absolutely perfect this time. I've had an immaculate vintage 23cm Lizard Constance GHW for a little more than a year now and she's only been out with me once so far. I've tried to carry her other times, and turned to my Croc Kelly instead. Now, I've got a serious business dinner this week and she's definitely going with me. Sometimes, the right occasion just takes a while to turn up.
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  3. For me it's been if it's sitting around not earning it's keep. If I bought for just evenings out - when I rarely have the need for something like that, well it's a lot of money to have sitting around - so I've accepted that that type of bag isn't getting attention and it can't have a place in my closet - I need to use and love them all! I can't tell right away...but after a few months I guess of not using something it's going to be sold...
  4. I bought a bag once that I loved because I was swept away by the was a choice between it and a black bag. I should have gone black but I didn't and though I knew it almost the minute I got home, it took a few months for it to really sink in. Now it's living the high life in the right home with the right person....gorgeous bag......just not the right bag for me.
  5. 3 years ago, I went to this place and I never asked for a bag. I beated myself for it. 3 years later, I bought a bag which's my wish list colour but not my wish list leather.

    I got it because I wanted something from that store and I don't want to leave without a H bag. Who know I got a bag but I am having regrets. It has been a month, I still haven't carried it yet.:sad:
  6. HH, I usually don't find out for a while that a bag is not right for me. Most of my mistakes have been related to color. I would buy a bag that I adore (because the tiny Alaska store doesn't have a lot of bags, when I saw one that I wanted, I bought it irrespective of color). Or the opposite would be true (I was dying for the color so I ignored the fact that the bag wasn't my style). Normally, I would try to make the bag work. However, no matter what I do, I now know that raisin doesn't fit well with my wardrobe (despite at least two raisin bags in the past few years) and I will never be comfortable carrying a Trim. For me, the Hermes learning curve has been many years in the making.
  7. so a few have erred out of desperation and some lulled by the beauty. pretty common i would imagine. hermes is responsible for creating both. lol
  8. I haven't had big regrets but for me the problem is how the bag feels more than how it looks. I think I don't make mistakes with how a bag looks, if I am attracted to it I don't change my mind easily. I am usually lured by beauty first but a couple of times a bag that looked perfect just didn't feel so perfect. One is my first Kelly, a 32 sellier in gold, which is still beautiful to me but the sharp corners and hard feel make it not possible to be an everyday bag for me despite its neutral color and good size. I still love the bag but it is not the workhorse I wanted it to be. The other is a greyish blue non-H bag with straps that don't sit well on the shoulder. One strap keeps rolling off because it's too rounded, so despite its beauty I just con't use it as much as I would have liked. Again, I still love it, but it is not as useful as I would have liked. I felt these "mistakes" right away the first time I used them.
    In many ways Hermes has solved my problem because now that I know I love the Kelly I just buy different Kellys and I stay with retourne ones. It is now much easier for me to decide whether a bag would be right for me.
  9. hermes to end erroneous purchases!:nuts:
    how great. sort of like when a dressmaker has your measurements. the first bespoke suit is the hardest, but once you get it right, it's right. :heart:
  10. I have never made a mistake on color or leather - my errors have all been on size. I found that in a birkin, kelly or bolide, there is one size in each that is best for me, and the other sizes dont work at all. (In my case, a 35 birkin, a 28 kelly and a 31 bolide). I know others have the same style bag in different sizes, but my own personal ergonomics dont work that way. Its not a matter of aestetics - in fact, this is what led me astray. I am 5'7" and thin - the 40 birkin and the 32 kelly looked great, but never felt right. I gave it about three months in each case, but then moved on. Oh yes, my biggest mistake was a 45 birkin - I realized that in less than 24 hours. I still feel terrible about that one.
    Unfortunately, life is too short to beat yourself up about things like this - this kind of thing is fixable (our buddies in the consignment business need to make a living too - i am glad that at least they benefit from our screw ups)
  11. hh,
    you stop when u realize it is a lesson, and there always is a lesson.
    i threw out my "significant" diamond earrings while cleaning them...
    i allowed myself adn gave myself permission to curse like a truck driver, whine, scream, pity myself- for two weeks.
    I never want other pair of diamond earrings but i can tell you this-
    if i did get another pair, i would not absentmindedly throw them out.
    same with H
    pine, whine, bla bla. you are allowed!!!!
    give yourself permission to pine away!!!
    you made a mistake and trust me,
    you iwll make more mistakes in life as we all will!!!!
    ahhh, natures law, my dear...
  12. I like your attitude, jedimaster :yes:. I try appreciate my "learning" experiences and move on, but it doesn't come naturally...
  13. Yep, arcangel, I like to think of it as healthy "processing!"
  14. hh, how are ya holdin' up?
    this is such a darling name.
    mizzle. i can not stop saying it!!!!!
    it is too adorable sounding!
  15. I usually have an inkling in the very beginning that something is not quite me...but then it takes about a month for it to really sink in. I am getting much better at knowing which H styles and colors work for me as I go along. I am prone to make mistakes though because I am a bit of a risk taker with bags!