how long does it take for box to patina?

  1. I just got a new Kelly Bearn in rouge Vif box calf and knew it would get marked more than my other new box bags just cuz I'm reaching fast into my bag for things willy nilly - not like with a bag, that can be (somewhat) protected when being used.

    So a week out and my new box Bearn is scratched. How do you all deal with aging your box? (no comments from the p-nut gallery here!)

    Should I apply some neutral meltonian (or that other cream...J. Lobbs? what's it called?) now or wait?

    As I only have already patina-ed vintage bags or brand new box bags, I have no clue how long a patina takes to develop - what have you all found?

    kelly bearn small.jpg
  2. OK I just found an old thread where hermesgroupie says:

    Only Hermes can buff out the scratches, but I've been told by the SAs that light scuffs can be buffed with the Meltonian and a soft cloth. Harder jobs, please leave to Hermes. At Hermes they can buff the bag and smooth out the scratches, this compresses the leather fibers which is how the patina develops.

    So I'm assuming with daily average use it'll take a few years to develop?
  3. OMG, Kate! That Bearn is gorgeous.

    Sorry I don't have anything substantive to offer, but :drool:
  4. Lovely bearn Kate.
  5. Thanks gga and sus!

    I guess I should have searched the archives first - looks like box will take a few years. Either John Lobb or Meltonian cream twice a year max, spa once a year. (Please correct me if I'm wrong...)

    Should I wait a few months of wear before I polish new box items at home?
  6. FYI and what it is Black box Kelly is about 15 years old. It, IMO, could use a patina. LOL. I have never sent it to the spa and have never put any products on it. I have brought it in to Hermes numerous times and they always tell me it looks spa visit needed. "Don't touch it...leave it alone". So I have and they are right...IT IS GORGEOUS!
  7. ^^^that's pretty inspiring, KB. Makes me want to find something in box calf.
  8. Katel, congratulations on your new Bearn. As a veteran box calf owner, my advice is to relax about the inevitable scratches and scuffs. It took about three years for my box calf Kelly to develop a lovely patina. I use John Lobb once in a while and take it for an annual spa treatment. Mine has never been turned away.