How long does it take for an item to appear?!

  1. I'm trying to sell my Coach Handbag..but after I was done with all the set-up on eBay for selling the bag, I couldn't find it when I tried to search for it :sad:. Is there a "waiting time" for a newly listed item to appear? Or am I doing something wrong...........:crybaby:

    Thanks so much for all your help. I stated on my auction PROUDLY that i'm a TPF member :p
  2. In order for new items to show up in searches, eBay has to generate an index for it first. Sometimes during heavy traffic, indexing can take hours. Longest time for me was 9 hours.
  3. thanks :smile:. wow that seems like a LONG time................. = /
  4. Hi, THere are other threads here regarding the same subject.

    I listed some higher end designer bags and it took almost 24 hours to show up!

    Some jewelery I listed took almost 8 hours.

    I wrote a letter to eBay complaining that we shouldn't be charged until the listing shows up............
    They responded with a note - basically said this:

    "Good News!"
    "Did you know you can schedule your auction to start at a later date?
    etc etc
    However...... there is any extra fee for this etc etc"

    Go figure
  5. I've noticed a slight delay in seeing my listings come up, too. It's probably nothing to worry about; it sounds like it's pretty common!
  6. My recent listing took nearly 48hours to show up, so had to change the listing from 7 days to 10. Also with this new thing ebay is doing with designer bags, I put down will post worldwide, I am in England, but the listing does not show up in the US ,it seems, I can buy things from the US but cannot sell in the US really silly set up.
  7. i've been cleaning out my closets and listing items. My LV bags usually take 10-12 hrs to show up. The Disney pins and clothes show up immediately.
  8. When I listed a couple of Dooneys and Coach bags last week they appeared immediately. The Balenciaga Day I listed last night took 12 hours. I started listing my items late at night so they appear in the morning. That seems to be when all my items seem to sell.
  9. It all boils down to the new VERO policies ebay has in place... if it's a specific brand it has to go through ebay's "verification process" to confirm authenticity. This is mostly hit or miss, IMO though. There are still some horrible fakes on ebay, but not nearly as many as there used to be (at the cost of some authentics being pulled in the process).
  10. My listing ever took nearly 2 days to show up! :confused1: Ebay really gets on my nerves sometimes.
  11. azianprideangel-

    12 hours on average.
    hey, pm me your ebay id please! i have all the tpf'ers i can find as favorite sellers b/c i love them!!!!!! mine is the same as my screen name here!
  12. Ouch, 2 days! I'm sorry happie_berrie !! I guess that just boils down to me and my team not working fast enough :sad:

    I would request a credit for some fees because of it though

  13. This happened to me as well. I wrote eBay and requested this. I also suggested that they should use the time the listing appears as the time the auction starts, not the time it is listed by the seller.

    I got a response. First telling me they do not accept suggestions. Secondly,
    "good news!" When you list your item you can select a start date and time!
    If the listings are taking 24-48 hours to appear, then select 24-48 hours later for the listing to begin. "Of course there is an extra fee for that ..... etc"

    Go figure.
  14. my auctions have averaged out to 12 hours before they show up! i have had some for 6 hours, some for TWENTY FOUR HOURS.........

    ebay is dumb.
  15. This is great info...shouldn't this be a sticky in the eBay forum? eBay's FAQ says that the auction title should be indexed within about 6 hours ... it does not address the fact that a designer listing could take SO MUCH longer. After 9 hours of waiting, I was getting really worried 'til I read this!!