How long does it take buyers to pay?

  1. Hi All,

    For those of you both buying and selling on eBay how long (on average) do you take to pay for your item after the auction ends or how long does it take buyers to pay you? As a buyer I ALWAYS pay within 24 hours and usually within an hour of the end of the auction.

    I've now sold 6 items on eBay. 3 of the buyers paid immediately, 1 still hasn't paid and it's been over a week (I had to open a claim) and 2 haven't paid and it's been a day and a half. I state in my auction that payment must be made within 3 days but as I understand it I have to give them 7 days. When I send reminders I do them in a very friendly way.

    Is this common? What are reasons that delay a person to pay?
  2. I pay immediately, I think that is a way to go, i'm always anxious to get it as a buyer. I think after a week you should indeed send a little note, nice one, to remind them and see if you get an reaction. Also did you look at their feedback?
  3. I try to pay right away, however there has been times when I knew I wouldn't pay right away and I let the seller know when I won when I would pay.

    Sorry this has happened to you!
  4. i always pay immediately, if i don't its possible i may forget !
  5. What's funny is that all three buyers have good feedback. One even got two additional positive feedbacks during the time she wasn't paying me. That's what I find so odd...all of these people obviously have lots of experience with eBay. That's why I thought that perhaps the norm is that people take a few days to pay...
  6. I always pay immediately. Only exception is if I am buying multiple items, then I drop a note as soon as I win the first item to let the seller know.

    My OH does the same also.
  7. Actually, I have only recently learned that you do NOT have to give them 7 days to pay. You may make your own terms of sale, so long as you clearly state it in your auction. eBay insists it's "just a venue," so their 7-day NPB process is only a guideline, and doesn't pre-empt you from enforcing your own auction terms.

    Some sellers on the eBay purse board are saying that they have a 3-day mandatory "pay or contact" policy and that if buyers take longer than that, they reject the Paypal payment, send a second chance offer to the next bidder and file a NPB with eBay on day 7 (which is the earliest day you can file NPB with eBay). It's a bit hard-nosed, but that's apparently the seller's right.

    The thing is, I've been on eBay for 8 years, and even I didn't know that, so I bet a lot of newbie buyers also don't know that. I think the best protection is a very clear and concise TOS in your auction terms.
  8. when I buy, I always pay immediately. My attitude is, if you were making a purchase from ANY OTHER online retailer, you'd pay right away, or you wouldn't get your merchandise, right? As far as my terms, they're 3 days pay or contact after auction's close. I will relist in a heartbeat if I've heard nothing by day 4. I figure I can run the clock while waiting to see if I'm going to get paid (which hardly ever happens - pretty much, if you haven't paid by day 4, you won't. That's been my experience).
  9. I always pay immediately (or within 24 hours if international auction and I'm asleep when it ends). I require payment or contact within 7 days but I'm getting tired of waiting that long and I think I'm going to update to say 3 days.

    I have 2 non-paying bidders right now and it's so freaking annoying to have to file reports and relist.:cursing:
  10. I have to use my bank account to get money in my paypal account and that takes 1/2 bussines days after that I pay for the item, but I always let the seller know that I'm waiting untill my bank tranfers the money into my paypal account
  11. I always pay when the auction is over so I don't forget.

    As a seller, about 60% pay right away. All have paid within 3-4 days.

    I usually send a friendly e-mail on the third day reminding them I haven't received the payment and to please contact me if they have any questions or concerns.

    Most of the buyers who didn't pay immediately had new accounts. I think the e-mail reminds them to complete the transaction and opens communication if there is a problem.
  12. I, as a buyer, ALWAYS pay immiediately.

    However, eBay allows buyers 7 days to pay!

  13. They could be out of town, sick, computer down, Etc. Sometimes, life just gets in the way.

    After about 3 days, you could send a 'friendly' reminder that payment is due within 7 days of bidding!

    I, as a new seller, was unaware of the 7day rule until I posted here. In my auction I stated payment was due in 48hrs because I had seen that in auctions I had bid on. However, reality is. That is not right nor fair.
  14. I paid after one hour after one auction, but the item took forever to get to me and the seller lives in the same city. He left me negative feedback because I complained about his shipping and packaging. He then lied and said he had proof of me paying 2 WEEKS LATE. What can I do about this?
  15. I usually pay immediately, although if I have several auctions closing over a 24 hour period and it's during the workweek, I might be at the 24-36 hour mark. I have been known to forget to pay, too - and I appreciate the friendly reminder.

    I think you have to wait until the 7th day to give that friendly reminder - then on the 8th day, a not so friendly reminder that you will have no choice but to file a NPB on them and relist the item.