How long does it take an order to ship to the Coach store?

  1. I ordered the Legacy Hippie and matching wristlet in white yesterday, and the Legacy Slim Flap today. (I plan to return the Hippie when it comes in). I am having my stuff shipped to the store because if it is sent to my house and my husband intercepts it he will kill me!! I know it says that it takes 3-5 business days...does it really take that long, or has anyone ever received their stuff sooner if they ordered at the Coach store?

    Anxiously awaiting my new treasures....
  2. I got mine in 2 days because the other Coach boutique was just 25 minutes away. It could range because sometimes they can find your handbag/accessory in a closer store, which makes the shipping process faster.
  3. depends where you're at and where it's shipping from. i get mine in 2-3 days, usually- if shipped from jax.
  4. haha i have the same problem with my boyfriend - luckily i leave after him in the morning and get home earlier, so I intercept all the mail and packages before he does...:graucho: