How long does it generally take your LV Elux orders to ship -

  1. From time you place the order until it shows on their website as shipped? tia
  2. Well it usually takes a couple days for your CC to be approved etc. And it depends on the time you placed your order. For example, if you order at night, it typically won't go through until the next morning. Or if you ordered on a weekend, it won't go through until Monday. So I'd say maybe 3 days at most?
  3. I placed on order on Saturday morning, and it shipped on Tuesday. I was told that Fed Ex does not pick up on Mondays. Anyway, I received the order on Wednesday. I only live two states away from the warehouse.
  4. I ordered something Saturday and got it Wednesday
  5. I'de say 3 days.. they're pretty quick.
  6. Less than 4 days.
  7. Thanks everyone! I guess I am just anxious.
  8. ^^ I don't blame you! It was about 2-3 business days before I got the shipping notice in my email and seemed like eternity!