How long does eluxury take to ship?

  1. I just ordered a my first LV item (a wallet) from elux. Do you know how long it takes for them before they ship? And if I use the "GOLD" free shipping promotion, how many days shipping is that? I'm too excited about it!
  2. i ordered my item on the 14th and it came to my house on the 19th. this was over the weekend though. they shipped it the next day cause i ordered at night =]
  3. It was very fast! I ordered on a Wed and received on a Saturday. It was actually ready to be delivered on Friday, but I called FedEx to hold the package at the facility because our route driver is incompetent.
    Both items were beautifully packaged!
    I also used the GOLD promotion.
  4. Very fast shipping.. for sure just a few days
  5. I used GOLD.
    Ordered on the 18th, and they sent me the tracking info yesterday, which shows it is on the truck to deliver now. :yes:
  6. yup, ordered thurs am last week, got tuesday noon time.
    hang in there...should arrive soon enough!
  7. I ordered this morning and after 4 hours, I still don't have an e-mail confirmation yet of my order. I checked my account to see if I accidentally didn't place it, but my order is there.
  8. I ordered it Thursday, and got it on Monday =)
  9. Really quick! I used GOLD too, ordered thurs close to midnight. The tracking said estimated delivery date was wednesday but it arrived noon on tuesday. ;)
  10. I used GOLD, ordered it last Thursday, and got my package yesterday:yes:
  11. From my experience, shipping from their facility in TN to CA takes about 5 business days.
  12. It should be quick since its almost XMas!
  13. In my experience, they ship pretty fast. It depends where you are located but usually you receive in a few days.