How long does BG & NM take to process returns?

  1. I hope this is not in the wrong forum, didn't know where else to post. Anyway, I sent back a bag I ordered using their smartlabel and it seems like it's been a long time, a couple weeks. I also returned a online order inside the store over a week ago and the credit still hasn't shown up on my bill. Do they usually take this long???

  2. Whenever I've returned an online order in the store, I get the credit right away. They give me the slip, and it shows up on the next bill.
  3. I returned something to BG using their smartlabel and have not received credit, but's it's only been a little over a week. What scared me was the fact that I could not buy tracking or arrival confirmation from USPS. The postal ladies said they could not add anything like that to that zip code. So, I'm at the mercy of their label...I just hope the packaged arrived!
  4. Listen, I'm returning something from the Uk to BG and it's taking over 3 months! I'm at the mercy of Parcelforce Worldwide so heaven only knows when my $700 is going to show up on my CC.
  5. I just called the customer service number (1-888-774-2424) and gave them my order number. They received my package on the 13th and she said that they are about 13 days behind, so it will take about 10 days for my account to be credited. :confused1: So about another 2 weeks...*sigh*
  6. I posted a rant a few weeks back about a mail return to Bloomingdale's. I didn't get my refund for nearly 6 weeks, and customer service told me this was normal...ehhh. So I decided no more online purchases if I can't return it to a brick and mortar.
  7. I returned a handbag to BG a couple of weeks ago using their smart label, and I almost wish I would have sent it off myself by paying for it I have no confirmation that it has arrived and there has not been a credit to my charge. so I am with you from now on I will make all of my returns to an actual store.
  8. I used to oder from NM a lot and have ordered from BG too. I never had any issues with getting a credit - even when they sent the wrong stuff (like a fur coat instead of a cashmere sweater).

    They usually take 4-6 weeks to credit you back. If you call or IM customer service they will let you know it was received and what date they are processing which is better than some department stores that don't keep track of this (i.,e., Nordstrom).

    On the smart labels I've received they go priority mail and there is a tracking number on it. I just keep that number "in case" but haven't had to use it yet for NM.

    They take a long time to process the returns. Thus, I usually look for it elsewhere first in case I need to return it.
  9. Yeah, same for me. I never want to order bag from BG 'cause I can't return to BG store. There is no BG here in California. A lot of headache if I have to mail back to them.
  10. I used their smart label to return a bag one time and it took forever for them to post it to my account, at least 6-8 weeks. I will never use that label again. I had no way to track it and see if it was received. I will spend the money to ship it myself with a tracking number. They may still take a long time to credit my account.
  11. I've returned to NM with the label they give and it took about a month and a half to get credited. When I mailed it priority with confirmation, it took under two weeks. I had to pay shipping, but it was way less stressful.
  12. Return to the store if you can. the return to the distr. center takes forever!!! I had it take a month for a credit.
  13. I made a return via smartlabel (immediately regreted it - next time I'd FedEx) to BG and called the next day to find out if it had been scanned in their system. It hadn't. They said it would take 2 weeks to process the return once they received the item. I'd just call customer service to get a status update every few days.
  14. OMG, my account has STILL not been credited even though customer service said they received the package 4/10, but that they have not issued the refund yet. This seems like a ridiculously long time to take to issue a credit on something they admit they received over a month ago. Meanwhile interest is accruing on my Neiman Marcus account at 20% APR.

    Now I'm afraid to buy anything from them online because I don't know whether my account will ever get credited!
  15. They sure take their time once they have our money.