How long does a refund take to come through?

  1. I accepted a refund from a seller
    and its going to be credited to my CC
    how long would it take paypal for it to come through?

    it's weird cus on my account acctivity it says accepted refund
    but on the dispute it says
    status: reveiwed by paypal
    and when i click in it says
    stastus: We are temporarily unable to determine the status of your case.

  2. Well I can only say I recently refunded someone through Paypal and it took a while to clear through my account. For some reason PP does a refund by E check (or at least in my case they did that) . E checks take a while - like a week at least.
  3. when i got a refund through paypal (not my cc) it took about 4 weeks after i returned the bag for me to get my money. the thing is i had bought a fake bag on eBay, and after submitting proof that the bag was fake, they told me that they would refund my money once i returned the bag to Paypal returns. about 1 week after I sent the bag, I saw that it was delivered, but it was only 2 weeks after they received it that they told me that they would "process" my refund. then the money took about 1 week to clear.
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    i got the paypal refund to my paypal account instantly. i got the email it was decided in my favor (non-receipt) last night, and this morning the money was in my paypal blanance. it wasn't done as an e-check. i believe that will only happen if you don't have a credit card back-up on your account.
  5. I think it's only instant when there are the funds in their paypal account to cover the refund...if there isn't enough funds then it'll be an echeck which take about a week.
  6. ok im not sure which one i am
    the seller who done a refund is a store
    so im guessing enough fundings
    i haven't seen anything through my paypal or cc account yet
  7. in my experience, 7-10 business days
  8. Paypal took that long to issue a refund for me too.
  9. Me, too. I have never heard of a refund to your PP account being a delay. Mine have always showed up right away.

    Unless you initially paid with an eCheck, so they refunded you with one, as well? Could that be it?
  10. Oh, I never thought about that. That could be true.

    Maybe I have been lucky with my refunds and all of the sellers/merchants have had the funds immediately to cover it. :shrugs:
  11. sorry how do you know the refund is in process?
    the status on my account activity says completed
    but under resolution center the dispute says unable to determine status of your case
    i checked my CC and nothing came through yet
  12. My experience with echeck refund: The person paid with instant PP payment when she bought the item. (It was a Balenciaga coin purse that she got for $199 - outbidding others; the retail is $350) and she wanted to return it because it was "WORN." Well, duh, it's vintage 2006 goat skin Balenciaga. And I had "final sale, no returns" at least three times in my listing. But she also nastily mentioned she would file a SNAD - signifigantly not as described - and win, because PP rules in favor of buyers who file SNAD if I didn't refund her. I actually called PP and they as much as agreed with her. They said they do NOT look at pictures or any kind of back-up from sellers to prove that my item WAS as described. What a creep! I just refunded her and resold the purse for more. But the refund was done through my PP account as an echeck and it took a week to clear. She hasn't left neg FB but I expect that shoe to drop, even after I refunded her fully.
    I don't have $$ in my PP account because I always immediately transfer to bank account. It is safer that way, so that must be why they did echeck refund.
    Sorry for the long post.