How long does a podium order take to arrive?

  1. I'm placing a podium order in mid January for either a Massai or a Bolide, in some version of red, or orange, or red-orange, or maybe black, or brown, or...(I'm just certain I'll have my mind made up eventually, after looking at the leather books!:nuts: )

    Does anyone have a general idea about how long a PO takes to arrive? I read aspen's Fast Arrival thread, and it seemed like the math came to around 6 months between ordering the white clemence bolide and it actually arriving. Did I add/subtract correctly on that?

    If I order in January, is the manager likely to return from Paris with my bag in February, or am I looking at closer to July/August?

    Sorry to be so stupid about this, but my handmade bags up to this point have been generally limited to whatever is Henry Cuir and on hand at Barney's. I've never ordered a bag before, and I've never bought a bag this expensive before, so I'm fretting about lots of details I normally don't even think about.

  2. GGA, it totally varies depending on the item and how well the order jives with the leather/color availability at the time. Mine came in 9 months time (basic leather), exotics can take over a year. It just depends. For a Massai or a Bolide, once you decide what combination you like you should definitely ask your SA to do a search for you to see if there's one already in the storewide inventory with those specs. Then your wait time will be practically nil if they have it already. HTH!
  3. Thanks so much orchids, it does help!

    If I go with the Massai GM, I'm pretty much thinking etrusque clemence. The GM has been hard to find so far, so I'm not holding my breath that they'll be able to locate one quickly.
  4. My white Bolide order (Actually, it came in a type of leather that I didn't want for white. So, I didn't take it) came in about 5 months. It was podium order (not searching other would never take 5 months to search a bag in other stores..:p ). Order was placed in last podium and it came in about a couple of weeks ago.
  5. I ordered 2 bags from the Podium in July and nothing has arrived yet. It really depends on availability of the leather and color. You should check first with your SA whether they have already ordered the color/leather you want as a store item and not ordered by someone. Then they could probably reserve it for you once it arrives.
  6. You took those words out of my thoughts!:yes: it's very dependent on leather availability.
  7. Gosh, my orders are taking forever! I ordered a vermillon chevre Kelly during July 2005 podium. Still no sign of it.... I hope your luck is better than mine!!
  8. Oh...! I was told that Birkin/Kelly orders take much longer. I guess Bolide came in early, because it was not in as high demand as Birkin/Kelly...
  9. I guess I assumed the same thing you were told, aspen--that Birken and Kelly orders would take longer than a Massai order. I thought it would be because there's a greater demand, greater backlog, and more demanding craftsmanship issues with Birkens and Kellys than a Massai.

    You all are the experts here! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I go in to place my order so that I don't look like a complete idiot.