How long does a new bag purchase satisfy you until

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  1. you need another 'fix'?

    I don't know if my satisfaction lasts longer than a minute....I have a problem....
  2. until i see something i want which usually doesn't take long.
  3. I hear ya, sister. It's never longer than a week before I am hunting down my next mean handbag.
  4. The next day most of the time.
  5. A couple of days, unless I see something I absolutely love and have to have immediately! But usually 2-3 days!
  6. A couple weeks!
  7. i see bags at work everyday so it usually doesn't take long. lately it's been a new bag a month. I'm bad. :sad:
  8. Wow! I'm looking pretty good here - about 4 weeks of loving and carrying my new bag ----and then it starts, a movie, a photo in a magazine or something right here on the PF and I'm possessed again!!!!!!!!!!! like right now!! I want the MJ blueberry.
  9. Usually a couple of months:rolleyes:
  10. only until I se one that I really have to have. And honetsly, that's not too often.
    I see a LOT of bags I really like, but not that I NEED!
  11. the second i hand over the money. hahaha!
  12. until i see something else, usually right away (esp. in store)
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Me too!! :jammin:

    Once I get the new bag into my hand, it's not "new" in my dictionary anymore. Then I'm on the quest to find my next "new" bag.
  14. It usually only takes me to finalize an order before I am on another quest. That's why I had 4 bags coming this week. Once one is paid for, I see if it's financially feasable to buy another...and off I go. Unfortunately it is never financially feasable for my husband to understand 4 bags in a week. So That's why I work. My job provides us both with health coverage that we never see a bill for, and it provides me with purses, and the rest goes into our joint acct for bills, etc. But even I am questioning the 4 bags in a week. I need to stop for awhile but then someone just had to post pics of that beautiful Kooba Paige....
  15. My fix only last for a day then I need to go out shopping for more. Too much is never enough for me!