How Long does a Monogram usually last you?

  1. Ok well...i've been sitting here thinking...and i realized something......i am a bag FREAK..more than i should be considering that i'm just a college student but it seems as though my bags only last me 1 year before something happens to it or it's not as attractive to me anymore.

    For FIRST expensive bag that i bought was the LV papillon 26....used it for about a year, then the leather got darker (which a lot of people like) then i just got tired of that barrel shape and NEver used it again after a year....then..i bought a gucci chain hobo & gucci abbey tote both in monogram's been a year since i had those and the fabric is fringing a bit at the bottom of the bag and sagging because i throw A LOT of heavy things in them so kind of lost its lustre after a year even though i try to be gentle with it....anyway....after a year or so do any of you want to replace your bags with a *BRAND* new one? i'm eyeing the neverfull and for its's a GREAT price and i'm no millionare but i feel kind of bad because my bags are all starting to lose its shape such as my Gucci's.......but for some reason i get tired of my bags so easily that i use it for 6 months to a year....then to never use them this normal???!!! ah whats wrong with me! lol
  2. Try rotating your bags, so you don't carry the same ones all the time... I change bags about every week. I would get sick of the same bag for 6 straight months too! So nothing is wrong with you :smile:
  3. I always rotate bags so I don't use one TOO much. I do have to say that my MOCA Neverfull MM and my BH get the most use though since they're larger and I tote around all my school stuff in them.
  4. Yup, I do rotating my bags too ...
    But the bag I use the most is my MC speedy 25 and I had it for almost 4 yrs and I use it a lot still.
  5. I rotate my bags as well...but as soon as the patina starts to turn a bit...IM OVER IT!! And out it goes! (meaning I will sell it)
  6. I learnt how to maintain vachetta from the SA. she told me to wrap the vachetta parts in plastic when not in use, the kind that your Speedy handles come in when brand new.
    It prevents the handles from ageing that fast, and to wipe away the "black" dirt on handles, you just have to use baby wipes.
  7. i do switch out my bags...probably once every 2 weeks but i still feel the same! lol
  8. I did the same thing as you! After being on tPF and seeing the pristine conditions of bags most members have I became more careful. My poor Balenciaga First went through a rough time for awhile :sad: Now I try to switch my bags out every couple months or even weeks, and I'm more alert of what's happening to my bags :smile:
  9. Rotation is good, and this length of time (you take to get bored) will only get shorter (thanks to the TPF!!!)!! LOL!! At least for me anways!! Great for my collection, but not so much for the bank account. So you're totally normal!!
  10. Yeah, rotate your bags! I do that with my LVs but I've retired all 17 of my Coach bags.
  11. i carry my bag about once a week
    but ive only had it for about 3 months ?
    im hoping it`ll last me for another year
    and after this i dont think i want another mono piece in a while
    thinking about the patina drives me crazy
    i like fresh clean new virgin patina
    i think im gonna move on to daimer
  12. About how long does it take before the handles get really dark? I like the light look.
  13. I have to say I get that way sometimes too! That is why I try and rotate my bags on a pretty regular basis... maybe every week or two! That way when you pull out a new one you are excited about it all over again!