How long does a girl have to wait????

  1. Well, I ordered the kerala bowler from NM's last week and it's still not here:cursing:!! I thought it was three day shipping and it has been six days. I'm going mad, I've been dreaming about this bag but can't seem to get my hands on it:crybaby: . Is this usual for NM's? My last delivery(a week and a half ago:rolleyes: ) was here in exactly three days, what happen this time:confused1: Thanks for letting me vent;)!!!!
  2. Have you called the online number? Also if you ordered online you can check the status by using the order number so they'll be able to track it down.
  3. I received an email that it was shipped last week. I thought it would be here by saturday. It will probably be here sometime this week( I hope) maybe I'm just overly excited I guess:shame:.
  4. Me too!!
    I have never shopped NM online before. Two of the stores are near me. And the flagship NM is less than 30 minutes away! So online shopping with them was new to me.
    I ordered on the 3rd. Waited patienly because normally anything that I have purchased online gets to me within 4 days (even reg. UPS). I went online and looked up my account and was shocked to see it would be here before the 15th. ugh. That is crazy. Almost two weeks!!
    Log in to NM and see what it says.
    Too long!
  5. If you have an online account (as mlredo says) at Neiman Marcus you can check the status of orders in the Orders History. Sometimes though they send it via USPS Express and yet indicate on the tracking status that it was sent via Fedex. If you don't have this access, I would call them and ask for the tracking number. At the very least, they should be able to tell you when it left the warehouse and check up on its' status.

    Good luck, Ali W!
  6. Usually they ship fedex, so if it doesn't get delivered by Sat. of that week, it will be Tues. or later before they make a delivery, at least that's the way it is in my area. Fedex doesn't deliver on Sunday or Monday.
  7. Thanks guys, you make a girl feel so much better:love:. You are all so knowledgable and helpful.
    I re-read the email I received last week and what ya know, it had a tracking # on it:s . The pacakage was sent fedex and, llson, your right it will be here tuesday.
    How am I suppose to sleep tonight, I'm very anxious to get my hands on that bag:nuts:. I love new stuff:yahoo:!!!!!!
  8. oooh heres hoping it is gorgeous when it turns up.

    let us know as soon as you get it :biggrin:
  9. SHE'S HERE:yahoo: !!!!! I absolutely love the color and the smell of the leather. However, I'm wondering if she's just a bit too big:s . AS soon as I figure out how to, I will post pic's.
  10. Trying to post picture. Lets see if this works!!
  11. How do you like your Kerala Bowler so far?? I've ordered one and still waiting on it.