how long does a coach leather lasts?

  1. i know it's a stupid question! but am just wondering? i know for some that LV can last like 10, 20, 25 so on, but for coach? how durable and sturdy? TIA
  2. Unless you really beat up your bags and don't moisturize the ones you should it will last so many years it will become vintage!
  3. :yes: Agreed. All of the leather bags I have have a nice thick texture. I haven't moisturized some of them as much as I should... but I think I need to have a handbag spa party sometime this week!

    I'm sure it varies from bag to bag, but for the money - I would say the leather is pretty good. Hope this helps!
  4. It depends on how well you take care of them. I generally tell customers if they take care of their bag it should last them around 8-10 years.

    Although, I have seen bags from the 60's-80's that look amazing and i've seen year old bags look like crap.
  5. My undying love for Coach started with this daypack... dated all the way back in Dec, 1995. :heart:
  6. I have a black leather cosmetic case that I got as a gift from my granny in 1992 and it looks great. The inside lining is a little stained from my makeup but the outside leather looks fantastic.
  7. they'll last as long as you take care of them!

    my oldest leather bag is almost 11 years "old" leather bags are from 7-11 years old:

  8. My mom has and still carries the classic Coach School bag... which she received as a gift in 1985.
  9. I have a classic Willis bag and a Willis briefcase that I purchased in 1993. Last year I sent it in to Coach and they redid the trim leather & except for a scuff it looks practically brand new! And perfectly in style now.
  10. I have two bags I got in 1995-the Carnival Bag in British tan and the Small Sidepack in Navy that are in great shape. I also have the Mini Bucket Bag in Mahogany that I bought in 1997 that is also in good shape. I've carried it a lot so it has that burnished (I don't know if that's the right word or not) look that makes it more vintage-y looking.
  11. think.........
    energizer bunny.
  12. I'm currently using a 40-something year old Bonnie Cashin bag. It shows its age a bit, but still as strong and study as ever!
  14. curious...what kind of product do you use, to moisturize the leather with, if you want to keep it looking supple from time to time? does Coach sell some sort of leather protector? We're experiencing some pretty nasty sub-zero temperatures here, and I'm a little paranoid :shame: the straps and trim are going to quickly age over the winter months...
  15. Another poster said this before, but it bears repeating... moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! and not just your skin, but your bags too!

    I just bought some coach moisturizer yesterday and used it on my 3 year old Soho hobo and 1 year old Logan brief... wow! they look better than brand new! The brief case was looking a little scratched and sad (dang airport x-ray machines!) but after a once over with the moisturizer, it looks better than it did the day I unwrapped it!:yahoo: