How long do your handbags last you???

  1. I'm just wondering if most pf members hold onto their handbags for years, and use them in rotation. Or if after a few years/months you tire of your handbag and then sell/donate/gift it away? Do you just stash away your collection in a special space in your closet?

    I seem to be the type that can never bring myself to throw anything away. Even all those no-name designers, and smaller brands like Guess that I used to have in my early teens, I still keep in my closet, even though I never use them. Currently only using my Spy, and hoping that it'll last me at least 5 years (which is tough, given the new IT bags that crop up every year)

    Maybe I should stop being a packrat? :amuse:
  2. I'm a total packrat. I have bags going back 10, 15 years (and I'm only 27 :weird:smile: at the bottom of my closet, they pile up about 2 feet high :shame: :shame:. Bags that get used go on a set of hooks by the hall closet, nice bags go in their dust covers in a drawer in the linen closet. I never throw anything away, "just in case." There is a chance I'll move this summer, though, in which case I think a lot of those bags, particularly the ones I never used much in the first place, are going to get sent to the thrift store or maybe sold on ebay. None are particularly nice (that's why they're on the closet floor :nuts:).
  3. I find the one's I truly love are still around but if I tire of them since I have so many and rotate them alot I usually sell the more expensive one's on ebay.....SO I can buy more works well for my husband because than I can say well I made some of my money back. Sometimes an older one or one in high demand I have earned more than the real price.
  4. I'm a bit of a pack rat, but this spring I've purged my closet and sold a bunch on eBay from the past 4-5 years: lots of Coach, a Dooney, and a Cole Haan. There were a few I couldn't make enough $ on (like a LeSac for $5, not worth the trip to the post office), which I donated to Goodwill. It's hard, but I keep telling myself I'm making room for *NEW* bags!
  5. um... my turnover is pretty high, i had my mulberry araline for 5 mths and just sold it... and i think i might even sell my ink bbag soon... maybe next year when i am bored and see something nice... i guess i just need the £ to get new ones.... and sometimes i love the chase rather than the bag itself!
  6. I have owned many for 10 years or more. I purchase for the long haul.
  7. I have had a high turnover rate until now - I have bought Hermes bags and they are too expensive to turnover! I try to limit my number to 10 or so total - including a couple of smaller evening bags. Less is more (I'm trying to learn!)...
  8. I go through handbags fast! I think the longest one I had was 1 year.:shame:
  9. My handbags last forever in terms of quality. In terms of what I do with them though... if I notice that I hadn't used it in a year, I typically donate them or give them to someone who wants it.
  10. Every couple of years I go through them and give away what I really don't wear anymore. My Judith Leibers and some others I'll never part with.
  11. i have a high turnover, i'm pretty quick to pass a bag on, and keep looking for the next one...
    until i find the just-right bag.. then i keep it.. =) and stop looking.

    how i know a bag is just right for me?
    - when i stop looking online for new bags =)
    - when i find that almost everytime i go out, the bag is a valid option function and outfit-wise, and i totally use it
    - and when i love carrying it and using it, when it's truly a joy.
  12. Start re-cycling the ones you no longer use...sell them if you can and save the money for some (or one) high quality bag that you love and can use for years.

    I too used to be a pack-rat and collector of just about everything. A few years ago, I decided that enough was enough. I went through my closet and drawers and everything I didn't use but might have some value went into one pile and everything else went to Salvation Army or to anyone who wanted them. I sold off the items that had some value and with that money I wasa able to buy my first Chanel bag. Which I still have and which I still use and which still looks like I bought it yesterday!

    Now I have FEW pieces but I LOVE each piece, are of high quality and destined to last for years with the possibility of being handed down to my daughter. I get dressed easier in the morning because I don't have a ton of stuff to ponder about and I appreciate each piece to its max. Life is much easier this way and I don't feel like my house is stuffed to the gills with "stuff".
  13. I "recycle" most bags I purchase...only a few stay with me for a year or more...I think my black Balenciaga city is going to make it to her "anniversary" mark...
  14. I have learned the investment of good handbags. So all the little, cheap, unimportant ones I am just gathering. It's not worthy of selling, but I've spent a good chunk of money, so I don't wanna just DONATE. So it's sitting there until it loses enough value in which I'll give away. =(
  15. That's true........ they're just taking up space and not doing much else. But I'm worried that the Ebay fees would eat me alive :oh: