How long do you wait?

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  1. I won and paid for a bag on eBay 17th January. The seller (in the US) has been in contact to say she's posted it, but it still hasn't arrived. Now, from having bought stuff from the US before, I know it can take a while to arrive/clear customs etc.
    But the thing that's bothering me slightly, I asked for a tracking number and she gave me some story about how they don't provide tracking numbers for overseas items unless you send them by overnight delivery. Which I know isn't correct as many sellers in the past have been able to provide me with a number.
    So my question is, how long do you wait before opening a dispute for INR?
  2. In my opinion, open a dispute now, it's already 2 weeks since you paid. At least this will give your seller attention and will provide you with some kind of tracking number (so you will at least know where your bag, even if it is still at custom)
  3. Ok thanks! Have just filed a dispute now :smile:
  4. Keep us posted on this, Anna, want to see how this plays out. Sorry you're having this trouble....

  5. Yup - complete bull.
    I always get a tracking number too. This one is lying or has no clue.

    Keep us posted!
  6. If the seller is new to shipping internationally they may think that they don't have a tracking number.. If you ask at the Post office they will tell you that you can't track the package. That being said on the form that they have to fill out for customs there is a CP number, that is your tracking number. Ask them for the CP number on top of the customs form, that can be used to track!! Hope everything goes well for you!
  7. Will definitely keep you updated - supposing the item doesn't show up...what happens then?
  8. Just escalate the case as soon as possible, and have it decided by eBay. It's already been a long time since you paid, so I think it's fair for you to take action at this point. Not to mention that EVERYTHING sold on eBay should have tracking for seller protection and buyer convenience. What your seller said about tracking not being available is bullsh!t.
  9. Ask the seller for a number of the customs declaration. The seller gets to keep a copy of it when they send the item overseas. This number is somewhat trackable though the usps website.

    Also if the seller does not have the number then they haven't mailed anything at all.

  10. Thanks for all your input!

    If I get a customs number, how do I go about using this to track the item?
  11. go to
    then go to tracking and type that custom number. Hope this works.
  12. Hello! I'm having exactly the same problem...the only thing is that the seller gave me the tracking number, and on the USPS since 19 january writes exactly the same thing, that it has been received for mailing in 19 january. Maybe it just takes more in this perioud, I think your pack will arrive... and hope the same for mine. :sad:
  13. ^^ I recently received some shoes from the US and it took ages for the tracking information to be updated, so fingers crossed that's the case with yours and that you'll get them soon.

    However, my seller says there isn't a tracking number so that worries me a bit...
  14. So I've been given this number as the customs number LC587794061US - however have entered this on both USPS and parcelforce and neither is coming up with anything....time to escalate to a claim?
  15. OP, I just check that number, LC587794061US and did not show anything either. Maybe wait until tomorrow?