How long do you wait until you use your NEW LV??

  1. Hiya!!! I'm so excited - I just bought my first LV pieces this past week!!! Neverfull MM and vernis agenda! how long do you wait to use your perfect new LV???

    ...I have a thing where everything has to remain in perfect condition...:p My poor lovlies are sitting nicely in their dust bags...:rolleyes: Love it!!
  2. For me, I will use it the very next day ..coz I can't wait... :graucho:
  3. I walk out of the store with it and put my old Louis in the shopping bag ... :smile:

  4. I use mine ASAP. :yes::heart::yes:
  5. congrats on your new purchases!!~

    well i use them almost immediately~ as soon as i come home from the boutique i would feel like a little girl opening up christmas presents~ i would normally use it for dinner that very night
  6. i usually will use it for the next special occasion, like going out to dinner... haha
  7. Yep, me too!! I use mine right away! I figure it's going to get a spot or a nick on it eventually, so IMO, the sooner the better, kind of like pulling a bandaid off, lol. Besides, no way could I let a brand new LV sit in the closet! It would drive me bonkers!!:upsidedown:
  8. Right away! Get those babies out their dust bags or I am coming over to take them out for a spin for all the world to admire their beauty!!!!
  9. I use mine right away:smile:.
  10. I use mine right away!!!
  11. Yep, right away!!!

    Congrats for your new great purchase!
  12. Lately, I got my Mirage speedy a few days ago and used her right out the LV door! I couldn't even wait!
  13. i used to keep new bags away until the right time to use them came, but now i use them as soon as i get them
  14. Yea, congrats! I use mine RIGHT AWAY because I want to show them off! but to be fair I haven't gotten a new bag yet, only pre-owned ones.
  15. I use it ASAP! I'm so excited to have a new piece that the waiting would be too much for me to handle.