How long do you wait to use your new Coach?

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  1. I bought a cinnamon Parker Hippie on Monday because I really like it and didn't want to take a chance that it won't make it to the outlet. But now with everyone speculating that Parkers will be hitting the outlets soon, I keep thinking I should not use the one I bought and hold off until they might show up at the outlet.

    What would you do?
  2. I've done that with a couple of my bags that I wasn't sure on whether or not I would even keep... I sometimes hold off on my bags and just keep them in the actual shopping bag in the dust bag. Then if I decide to return its all there, untouched and unused... it happens sometimes since there are so many bags to choose from!
  3. Well I did that last year with a Bleeker tote. Bought it in Aug. Waited and waited. Thanksgiving and still the color wasn't at the outlets so I used it. Now I no longer really wait if I want to use the bag now.
  4. I was fine paying the boutique price for my cinnamon parker hippie, because I didn't want to risk not finding a nice one at the outlets. It's up to you if you want to risk it or not :smile:
  5. I think you could possibly drive yourself crazy trying to always get "the deal". If I find something awesome at the outlet, I'll get it if it's on my wishlist. But I'll still buy full price too.

    I see the outlet finds as a sort of lottery. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
  6. Oh, I have most of mine a while before I carry them. A few months, usually. Unless it's a bag I need for a specific reason---like I carried my black ergo hobo almost immediately because I didn't have a black bag. I'm kind of weird, the more I like a bag, the longer I keep the tags on and just keep it in my closet, pulling it out to admire every now and then. The ones I like enough to keep but they're not a favorite--I use those pretty soon after I get them. And sometimes I get a bag I just don't know if I'll keep or not, I usually have them a few weeks before returning or selling.

    If I were you, I wouldn't use it and keep the tags on for a bit to see if they do show up at the outlet. If this color does hit the outlets, you'll be able to get a price adjustment, and if it doesn' least you got one!
  7. I bought a cinnamon parker hippie (small), I don't think the hippies will ever make it to the outlets except maybe some isolated bags, and especially not the small. I was willing to pay FP instead of taking the chance, and I'm glad I did. If they show up at the outlets I may get a different one or a "backup" bag. Just depends on how upset you'd be if it did make it to the outlets, and how much you love it.
  8. If I love a bag, I use it right away. I agree that you could drive yourself crazy always hoping to find the deal. If they make it to the outlet, you could always buy another one and then you don;t have to stress about finding the exact color you want because you already own it!
  9. Counting on finding a cinnamon Parker Hippie at an outlet is almost guaranteed to leave you disappointed. Yes, some items from the Parker line have hit the outlets, but very few Hippies, and with cinnamon being as popular a color as it is/was, the likelihood of you getting your hands on one at the outlet are very slim. If you didn't want to chance finding one at an outlet, then don't! Enjoy the one you have.
  10. As long as it takes to switch everything from one bag to the new one!!!
  11. :lol: Sounds just like me. I can never wait. Unless I've bought more than one bag!
  12. If I'm not the one driving - I swap into it in the car! lol
  13. the last bag i got from coach i wore out of the store, so yeah no waiting here, lol! i think if i were you i'd use it now and get all the use you can out of it since you love it.
  14. I use my bags right away :P ... I make sure to switch them out every month ... or when ever I feel like it :P ... Ever day is a good excuse to use any one of my bags :smile: ...
  15. For me, I like to savor the newness in the shopping bag for awhile. Sad but true! I do that with clothes too. Usually within 1 to 2 weeks or so I'll finaklly break it out!