How long do you wait for a reply from a buyer?

  1. Hello everyone!
    This question has probably been asked already, but here I go, nevertheless. I just had my first few eBay sales this week, one having finished on the 27th. I invoiced and messaged her on the 27th, but haven't received payment or a reply since.
    I *did* notify her that she had 7 days to pay via paypal...

    My question is this: do buyers generally make contact with the seller to let them know their plans regarding payment...or do most sellers just wait in the dark until they receive payment or until the seven days pass and they file a non-paying bidder claim with eBay?

    Maybe I'm just impatient....

    Thanks for your time! :biggrin:
  2. myself as a buyer, always contact seller as soon as i could-- most the time right after the auction, to tell them when i will able to pay for it.
  3. See, that's the thing! I sent her the invoice with shipping charges and what not, but no payment and no reply. I guess I have to wait and if there is no reply on the 7th day, I will let her know that I have filed something against her and will be relisting the auction. How annoying.

    There is another sale that just ended and the winner just messaged me, asking for additional photographs. Why couldn't she just ask BEFORE the auction has ended? I have sent her additional photographs, as requested, and included shipping options for her to choose from and requested that she reply to me asap so we can close up the auction right away. Still no reply.
    She has over 100+ feedback, so I'm just wondering what's going on.
  4. I send out increasingly less friendly emails to buyers every couple of days to request payment. If I have heard nothing after seven days I file a dispute. You do seem to be having bad luck with your buyers - questions and requests for additional information, photos etc should be done before they bid. Hope your sales work out.
  5. That's so irritating!!! I usually pay within 24 hours, UNLESS I am waiting on another item from the same seller to end because I want to combine shipping. Could that be the case with your bidder?

    If the two items I want end several days apart (rather than 1 day or less), I'll email the seller to let him/her know I'm waiting on another of their items to end, since I want both. That way, he/she will know I'm not a deadbeat. :amuse:
  6. Hello you incredible flying feline, I've been both a buyer and seller and I'd never tolerate that sh$X! Your responsibility is to spell out clearly your terms. You've sent the invoice. On the 6th day, send a reminder email reiterating your terms. After that, you report them and relist; simple! As for sending photos after the sale, that's absurd! Again, make sure these geniuses know that they are welcome to ask any questions before placing a bid. A bid is a binding commitment, a promise of payment. It's hard to defend it as a mistake when you have to confirm each bid- that's two separate clicks. I sound really bitter but it's because I've encountered the dregs of society on Ebay- it's so perverse! I do wish you well!! :ninja: