How long do you wait for a MIA seller before doing something?

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  1. I recently purchased a bag on eBay.

    The seller said the sooner I pay the better as she needs the payment to clear before sending.

    So about 2 days ago I sent payment and have not heard anything from her since.

    Should I be concerned?

    If I dont hear from her within the next day I can contact paypal cant I? :confused1:

    I dont want to jump to conclusions but dont want to lose my money.

    I paid with cc through pp.
  2. I think someone said you have to wait 10 days till you file a claim. You have up to 45.
  3. Does she say how many business days she usually ships in? I think some sellers just aren't very good communicators - I've waited a week or so before getting tracking information, I don't think it is totally unusual.

    Paypal's terms state that sellers have to ship within 7 days of receiving payment, so I wouldn't worry too much yet. You totally did the right thing by paying with your CC through paypal - you've got double protection from being scammed!

    In short, nothing to worry about yet, give it a few days, and see what happens. When you do the feedback, if you think that the seller's communication was bad, rate her accordingly.
  4. I'd just wait a little longer. Some sellers don't say anything about when things are sent out and some don't use the paypal labels for their shipments. But yeah I'd wait a bit and when you leave feedback, give her a low number of stars for communication.
  5. I am a massive eBay shopping addict -- over a thousand items purchased, from bags to furniture to electronics. Two days isn't much, especially over a weekend. She may well have just gone out of town for a nice summer weekend. Or, she may very well have shipped out to you already without sending you an e-mail -- that's very standard practice. I would give it till the end of the week to see if you've received the bag.

    At that point, if you have no bag and no e-mail, I would e-mail nicely (just checking in, haven't received the bag and haven't heard from you, wondering if you have the tracking information so we can work together to figure out where the delay might be...) Repeat with about every three days. Note: through these steps it's better to use the eBay messages feature so that they have a record of it.

    On the Paypal/dispute front, you are MUCH better trying to work it out with the seller, since the hurdle of proof in Paypal claims is very high (which is why I always use a credit card on there so I can do a chargeback if need be.) Remember that sellers are where Paypal's bread is buttered, so it's in their best interest to make the buyers jump through hoops on the transactions to get them reversed...
  6. Usually sellers not notify buyers when they ship item but just wait for 1-2 weeks ( if it's international package ), you have 45 days before file PayPal. Some sellers have other permanent job and not sit 24 hours in front of PC ;)
  7. some sellers are just quiet. they ship things out without any communication. just give it a lil more time.
  8. they might be on vacation and didn't want to tell you. thus the rush on payment...
  9. Thanks for your help.

    I hate the way that sellers are all chatty and wonderful up till the moment you pay, and then nothing.

    It leaves you feeling like you've made a mistake.

    She has been online. If you want to know how I know, PM me.

    I've just asked for for tracking info. Gentle nudging cant hurt can it?
  10. That's fine, just see how and when she responds to the request for tracking info first.
  11. if 3-4 days have passed and I don't hear from the seller. I always send an email asking if item has shipped. Usually it has and seller just forgot to send me tracking info.
  12. have you heard from the seller?
  13. Yay! You wouldnt believe it! - about 1.5 hours after she rec'd my email asking for tracking info (I saw when she came online) - she posted the item! Gently nudging -the way to go!
  14. I'm now however having customs issues with a bag I sent to the US. It's been at Customs for over 24 hours now- (it was sent express courier international)

    This is all it says

    Inbound Into Customs

    Inbound International Arrival, July 17, 2007, 11:33 am, LOS ANGELES AMC

    Foreign International Dispatch, July 16, 2007, 10:36 pm, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
  15. that's good news! at least you didn't need a catlle prod. for this one! congrats!
    i mailed a bag to my sister in miami (via those prepaid international mail boxes) and it spend a couple of days in customs. drop a line to your customer letting her know that the bag has been sent and it is in customs, it depends how quickly they clear it but i don't think it would take long.