how long do you wait before relist/second chance offer?

  1. Someone won one of my auctions. She was contacting me frequently, but after she won, I have heard nothing. how long should I wait before I offer it to the next highest bidder? She hasn't contacted me since winning the auction.
  2. how long has it been?
  3. It's usually 7 days. That's how long the buyer has to pay, so I guess after that amount of time you can 2nd chance it
  4. If they haven't paid after the 7 days then file a NPB, I'd be careful offering the 2nd chance as sometimes filing the NPB is enough to make people pay up
  5. ^^^I agree with the above statement I've been in a similar situation send 2 very nice "reminder" notes -your item is ready to ship etc, no contact, as soon as I filed the NPB she sent payment- still no contact but :yes: at least I was paid.
  6. hmmm, OK. thank you ladies :heart:. I just don't know what to do. She did end up contacting me saying she was going to pay within 24 hours, and she hasn't... so i don't know what to think, but it's kinda annoying!
  7. Did you file the NPB yet?
  8. no, not yet.
  9. if it's been 7 days, FILE!
    Seriously, file now, I usually wait 24 hours before offering a 2nd chance after filing a NPB Alert.
  10. totally agree! as soon as I possibly can, at the stroke of 7 days, I file the NPB, then wait a day or so, then the second chance

    I have no time for people who don't pay
  11. Yep I'm the same, once the 7 days are up the NPB is filed
  12. Me too - this is good advice. You have no reason to wait.

  13. I totally DITTO that^^^^
  14. I typically wait 7 days (read this from the eBay policies)

    Good luck sweetie! You have been listing some amazing bags lately, I wannnt so many of them :smile:
  15. I agree with waiting 7 days. File the NPB, wait a day...if she still has not paid, move on. I wouldn't want to wait any longer for fear that the other bidders change their mind as well!