How Long Do You Wait Before Buying Another Bag

Jan 23, 2006
For me it depends if I buy more than one Handbag at a time, if I do, I usually wait for an occasion in a upcoming Month eg... Easter, Xmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, July 4th. etc...
(there is something in every month, Thank You,
America !!!! ) Or, I will do it according to the seasons.

So my Question is:
How long do you wait before buying another bag ?
Till whenever I can get the money together ! ;)

I don't actually celebrate any holidays, except for the New Year so it'd be a really, really long wait if I went by that !
hehehe, i want a new one now!

but i'm going to wait till my b-day and probably buy some more when i go on my travels which is at the end of the year... so no more bags for at least 8 months (the key word there was AT LEAST) hehehehe! :smile:
Whenever I see a new one that I want, I'll get it :lol: Whether its in one month or one day. Or in the case of right now...going on effin 2 months :sad: S/S 06 has to help me out, theres supposed to be so many cute things!
Wait???? Whats that? Sometimes its days in a row if I see a few I like. Given I haven't done "a Moe" (per her post in Handbags & Purses - 4 in a day!!) I just buy whatever I see that I like......usaually after a long deliberation over the bag(s).

Birthdays and special occasions are a free for all for me. (shuffling away b/c I'm very guilty) :P
:smile: I'm a little college student, who ( thank god) has learned the responsibilty taking care of non-basic things ( such as handbags) myself. SO. I can't buy myself handbags all that often ( believe me, I wish I could!). Still, it makes it really special when I do get one ( I have a darling Botkier Clyde, which I got from the official site for $315, not including shipping- coming in the mail!).
So, I get one whenever I can afford one, I suppose. :smile: When I'm graduated and a working girl, I think I'm definitly going to live off of ramen, and carry 1,500 bags. :smile: