How long do you use your bag?

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  1. Hi ladies, I have a question that may seem a bit off the wall...

    I was just wondering how long you use your bag before switching over to a different one.

    I was going through my closet and I asked myself this question. I used to use one bag all season long. However, I have some nice bags that I would like to take out more often. I also get bored using the same bag for a long period of time anymore.

    I only have 2 Mulberry bags right now, a chocolate Bayswater and a mushroom Bayswater (this is not good for this weather as we are in the middle of a major snowstorm). I have a Medium Mitzy Hobo in Oak on order when they receive it in the NYC store, they are going to send it to me. However, I have some other beautiful bags (not Mulberry but my collection is growing :smile: ) that I would like to use at some point.

    Currently using the Chocolate Bays...

    I know, it is a rather odd question...but I thought I would ask.:P
  2. I tend to swap over to a new bag most days. I never use one more than twice in a row. There are some bags I rarely use use (oak roxanne hasn't been out for months but will in the summer). I like to rotate
  3. ooh it totally depends for me! sometimes it daily, othertimes, I can happily use the same bag (if its a user friendly one) for a month at a time easy!
  4. I change my bag everyday. My friends are always teasing me about it!!
  5. if i find i bag i love i use it for ages, like my purple a4 tote i used constantly since i got it! now its the putty bays turn!
  6. I've just reread my previous post and it sounds like I only ever use a bag once or twice. I meant once or twice in a row!
  7. Thanks so much ladies :smile: I was worried if I changed my bag every 3 weeks or so i was going daffy :smile: Well, my husband thinks I am a nutter for switching bags, he just doesn't get it :smile:

    I figure I have so many lovely bags, let's take them out and how them off.

    Can't wait to get my Medium Mitzy Hobo. And the Hayden Shoulder looks incredible.
  8. men dont get it!
  9. :shame:
  10. I swap mine most days, but if I can't be bothered, I could take the same one for 3-4 days in a row. It's good to have variety! :biggrin:
  11. I switch bags as and when the mood takes me. Or if the weather dictates that I shouldn't use and oak or ginger bag! I have never used the same bag for more than a few days at a time. In fact, I often use a more than one bag on the same day depending on what I need to carry with me: Bays to toddler group and then Brooke to the park later.
  12. I know, men just don't get it! My husband will use the same wallet until it is falling apart. Me, I need variety and get bored :smile:

    Glad I know I am not alone.

    Bluecat, I knew exactly what you meant. Too funny :smile: And I love your cat!!!
  13. Tend to swap once or twince a i work away for 2-3 days at a time i onyl take one bag with me, usually a bays, but will use Roxy jody Mitzy or Daria at home for 2-3 days.....i do have days when i do not go out apart from the school run and i do not take a bag on the school run.
  14. Generally each bag for about a week at a time unless I am passionately in love with it (Oak Bays last summer, Oak Alexa now). I will change more frequently if the weather is very varied.
  15. I use mine for about a week before I switch - unless weather dependent...
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