how long do you typically use your wallet?

  1. Once you get a wallet, do you use it for years? or not even a year and then its back to the closet or eBay? Or do you continously rotate? What do you do?
  2. until it is very worn. but I didn't use any designer wallets in the past, so that was about 6 months to a year. my current wallet has been used way over a year and still looks new.
  3. I use mine until it is falling apart and I need to get a new one. I rotate bags amost daily but not really wallets. I have too much junk in mine to change it out. Thus I pretty much have only one "main" wallet.

    Then again, I don't have a pretty vernis wallet like you!:graucho:
  4. I rotate my wallets but right now I'm stuck on using my Wapity as a wallet since it's so useful. I also rotate my bags on an almost daily basis.
  5. ITA:yes: That's the only reason i can bring myself to shred for a wallet that's almost a bag in price.
  6. I use the same wallet usually until I get a new one. I used to switch wallets out all the time, but am usually too lazy to do it now.
  7. Since LV wallets seem to be very expensive (in my opinion) .... I "try" to use mine until it shows some kind of "wear" before buying another one. :smile:
  8. I think maybe about two years max? I don't rotate wallets so I use mine everyday for about two years or until it looks really old, whichever comes first.
  9. While I rotate bags almost every day, I only have two wallets: a leather small Prada which I've had nearly 10 years and now the LV mono zippy wallet, which is much larger. I used the Prada so much until it got a little worn, so I'll stick with LV for now unless I need the small Prada for a small bag.
  10. I rotate each season - Damier, Mono, Mono Mini khaki TST, black Epi
  11. I'll use one wallet for around the years and change it when the linning get peel or someone offer it for amazing price ;) I was using my CB pink PTI then someone bought it for $440 so there's no way for me to keep it, I passed it to her and using my CB brown PTI now :p
  12. until it's slightly worn, then I will get a new one
  13. I rotate whenever I feel like it. For a long while, I used my Bronze Ludlow (it was my first wallet), then I went over to my Peppermint PTI for about a year and a half, then my fuchsia PTI for about two years, now I'm alternating between my Groom PTI and Groom Compact Zippe.
    The MC and mono get alternated in there for short periods of time too.
  14. Typically I use mine until it is worn (about 2 years or so)...
  15. Ummmm... my first wallet-->used it once or twice and sold it after a few months to a friend who kept on bothering me about how I never use it and should let it go. Now I have another wallet which I use "much" more in comparison to the first--> I use it once or twice per MONTH! that's a 50% improvement from the first wallet! lol