How long do you think it will be before all Chanel (leather) bags are over $2000?

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  1. #1 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    IMO I think Chanel might continue to keep prices going up and the 2K mark will be reached by the end of next year.

    Sadly my last HG is far past that mark already :sad:
  2. *sigh*... I thought all the Chanel leather bags were already over 2K with the exception of the clutch (if you count it as a bag).
  3. Yes, I can remember when $1000 seemed like a lot for a bag - now $2000 - and many approaching $3000 or more! I still try to limit myself to under $2000.
  4. NOT LONG. But, I thought they were freezing with price increases until the economy picks back up...?
  5. that's what i thought.... consider that they laid off 200 people from their paris office the other week .... sigh.
  6. I was under this impression as well.
  7. Most of the leather bags are already over $2K I thought. The only leather items I can realy think of below $2K is the leather clutch, Wallet on Chain, Wallets and maybe the mini flap?
  8. Don't forget the PST, which is still $1450, I believe.
  9. Are silver Lucky Charm supposed to be a hard to get bag? I sort of sighed at it when I saw one (this was some time ago though) because it didn't look good as black ones. And I usually don't like black bags...

    Did you call around NMs to see if any have them? I'm guessing it's not really an easy bag to be sold out, with its price quite up there.
  10. maybe by the end of 2009 i bet theres gonna be some price increase there all of the sudden, so sad, though pst and other bags are still under the influence of the 2k virus.
  11. Actually, prices have gone...down...
  12. miffy27, what are the bags with reduction? the classic?

    when i first saw the thread, my response was.. SOON like this year.
  13. Very soon. In fact I think that was their goal.
  14. I'm sure it will happen sooner rather than later. Chanel is notorious for jacking up the prices. :sweatdrop: If you look at the progression of the Jumbo flap (or medium flap!), and apply it to other classic leather bags (PST, GST, Cerf, etc. - all of which have already gone up in the last few years considerably), it doesn't look good for the few bags below the 2K mark. :sad:
  15. Seems like they all least all the ones, I seem to buy...gone are the days of 2007 when clutches were under a grand and med flaps were $1595.00 and GST were $1650....yep, those were the days....:rolleyes: