How long do you reckon you spend on tpf each week?

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  1. I check it when I wake up, when I get back from work and sometimes during lunch breaks.........about 3-4 hours per week maybe even up to 7 if there are loads of new pictures being posted.
  2. If it's wkday (mon-fri), i will be on forum from 9am-5:30pm (singapore time) and continue again from 6:30pm-11pm when i reach home after work.

    Whereas wkends, will spend most of my time from 9:30am-till night (maybe 12 midnight). Sometimes, i jus park my name here but i may walk away to do something (eg, having lunch or dinner).
  3. well i have internet on my phone so i'm on this for at least 2-3 hours a day!
  4. Same here! During the week I check on and off for an hour or two on my computer or on the phone, and then I take my bags out to fun places during the weekends :smile:.
  5. during the week, i quickly check around 6:30 pm for about 30mins and then i get back on usually around midnight and logg off at about 3 or 4 am. [stay at home mom] hehe

    w/e im on late at night, after fam is asleep [like right now]
    im a night owl so this forum is perfect for me :P
  6. 2-3 hours per day - really need to cut back and get a life.
  7. I leave google reader running on the google desktop and new posts show up via rss on my feed. So basically I use it all day.
  8. Too long!!!!! 3 hours a day minimum! I am a member for more than 1,5 years and still ADDICTED!
  9. I check on and off all day.....
  10. Um, let's see...the morning dishes are still in the sink, the beds are still not made, forgot to iron my sons' uniforms, burned dinner the other night...okay, that one doesn't count...I burn dinner all the time!!

    Hmm, I agree with Lib... I need to cut back and get my life back...haha...NOT! ;)
  11. I'm on and off all day and night. I don't want to miss anything!
  12. I spend about 4 hours a day so maybe approximately 20 hours a week (exclude weekends b/c I'm not going to be around a computer).
  13. My computer is usually on during the day, so I minimize tPF on my screen and checking it on and off during the day and night. I work about 16 hours a week, so that's when I take a PF break. lol
  14. Before the baby, I was on/ literally 4 hours a day, not really posting but reading *I mean researching*. Now baby is here only about 2 hours. But trying to post more.
  15. somtimes i spent 10 mintues on here before i go to college in the morning, and then on and off all evening if i'm at home.