How long do you keep make up? How much do you have?

  1. I love makeup, but sometimes I buy something, wear it a few times, and forget I had it! Or there were times when I bought so much, but then I don't have enough time to wear it all. Some SAs at make up counters say throw it out once it smells funky, so eyeshadows can last two years though others say one year. Mascara should be thrown out every three months, etc etc. How about face powder? How long do you keep your lipsticks, glosses, face powder, blushes, eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners, etc? And also, how much do you have? :biggrin:
  2. i remember there was a post over @ the lj community beauty101 about it... but i forgot =(

    face powder.. i'm guessing 6-7 months? def. change the sponge to a brush if it's a pressed powder.

    i keep my eyeshadows for a long time because i never seem to run out! haha :smile:
  3. I'm awful. I still have makeup from 6 years ago. It still works fine. I just make sure I wash my brushes. Of course, the mascara has to go every few months. And lipgloss usually runs out by 2 months
  4. i'm not very good with make up -the make up that i have at the moment is probably going on a year old.... i dont buy much make up as i dont wear it all the time.
  5. I also tend to forget what I have even if it's in front of my face, my "make up drawer" my son goes through (he's a toddler) is a fascinating make -up dump. I can never find anything and stick to my make up bag on the counter for ease which has eyeliner, blush, lipstick, mascara. I hate foundation.
  6. I finish what I buy and then buy a new different shade.
  7. I don't buy too much because I don't use too much. I think the only one I abide by the rules for is mascara though...! I have a loose powder that I've had for a veeery long time!! But then the stuff I use regularly: foundation, pressed powder, blush, mascara, concealer, those get replaced somewhat regulary, as soon as I use them up I buy a new one.
  8. Oh what a question - I have tons accumulated from the dawn of man. I buy some, use it for a while then buy another kind - I must have 20 eye liner pencils - right now I mainly use my Bare Essentials stuff and I love the Mac long lasting lipsticks. I have never found a mascara I liked.
  9. Make up that comes into contact with more oils or liquids from your body have a shorter shelf life. I know mascara is like 3 months and lip glosses are maybe 4 months cause it comes into contact with your lips and such. Eye shadows are longer but they suggested that you clean the applicators or get new ones every now and then. I found a site on this before and I realized why my college roommate uses a Qtip to apply her eyeshadow everyday instead of the applicator it came with. She was very anal about bacteria via makeup and other stuff.
  10. i love buying make up but dread wearing them! haha, no time in the morning! anyway, i have some which i bought abt 4-5 years ago! mainly eyeshadows and powder blush. I change the applicators every few months and also scrape off the top layer.. using some tissue.. wonder if that really helps avoids the germs... but well, i tried!