How long do you keep bags NWT?


Jan 18, 2012
Question is how long do you keep bags new in your closet before either you use them or decide to take them back for something else?

Right now I have a Poppy tangerine hobo, Aegean Lindsey and Aubergine Sophia all sitting in my closet. I use my color block Willis daily and after my graphite gathered has color rubbing off already, I am scared to use the gathered aubergine Sophia. I love the color but maybe I should get a wristlet instead? It seems the gathered doesn't hold up very well.

How do you ladies decide? :smile:


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Aug 29, 2008
I have a lot of bags in my closet with tags..If i don't use them right away it seems the euphoria of the bag fades for me.

I also have a raspberry gathered Lindsey with tags and the matching wallet. I can't bring myself to let them go or use them. I have a Mahogany Madison Audrey, Treesje Violet Magnolia, Camel Patent Sabrina., Plum Rebecca Minkoff Mam and a Pale Grey MAM all with tags. :sad:

And maybe more If i look...Oh! and a MK crossbody. :P
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Jun 27, 2012
I think the longest I kept a bag NWT was a couple months, but that was only due to the purchase of a white purse during the winter in prep for the Spring. I'm too giddy to let them sit.

I do have a gathered graphite Sophia sitting NWT (and a couple others) cause I'm still not sure which I'm keeping. It's only been a few weeks, though. But hearing that your color rubbed off is making me nervous. I LOVE LOVE the gathered look and really like the graphite color.


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Aug 29, 2008
if i havent used a bag in 4 weeks then i believe i either dont like it as much as i did or in tht time period bought another bag tht i like more so lol it has to go

I think I bought the Tressje Magnolia over a year ago..I think I tend to save a bag for the right time and then lose interest or end up buying a new shiny.:P


May 10, 2010
I have one bag now with tags that I have had for about a month. I can't decide if I want to keep it. I have many smaller items, like wristlets, keychains and scarves that still have the tags after a long time, but that is because the occasion hasn't arisen yet where I will use them. Some of the keychains and scarves don't go with anything I currently carry, but I love them so I figure I will eventually find something they match.

Recently, I returned a bag that I had for about 6 months. It was really hard to part with it. I don't live near a store so I hang onto bags until I am making a trip. If I had a nearby store, it might be different because I would be more inclined to exchange.

I have a black gathered Sophia and a raspberry gathered wallet. I moved into the wallet the day I got her because it was true love! So far, no problems with the color. I would cry if something happened to this wallet. Maybe it is just the graphite or just certain bags?

To be honest, I have been happiest with the purchases I have made at factory stores, at Macy's sales, or on ebay. The few bags that I have paid FP for, I feel pressured to use to get my money's worth out of them.


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Feb 17, 2009
If I'm unsure, I just keep it until I've made up my mind. Longest so far has been about 6-8 months, but this has been for bags that I really loved but was unsure about for practical reasons (too heavy, too big, etc.)
If I buy a bag to use at a later season, it might sit for several months with tags before I use it. I just today cut the tags off my white lace Sophia that I bought last winter.

If I buy online and I know I don't like it when I get it, I return right away.

It's funny but sometimes if I really like a bag and don't want to let it go, I'll gift it to someone else. I'll just put it away for a birthday or Christmas, etc. I have 3 bags and a wallet put away right now for Christmas, LOL.


Feb 23, 2012
Usually bags don't sit for more than a week or two with the tags on in my closet. I go through an agonizing process with myself before I buy a bag, so if I end up actually purchasing it, then I am definitely going to keep it. The only reason they would sit with tags still on is if I had a purse binge and bought more than one in a week. Then I would use one right away, and wait a week to use another.

This of course doesn't even cover how many have been sitting in the closet after being used once, and patiently waiting to be taken out again :sad: I just can't stop myself from buying new things, and then the older ones take longer and longer to get back in rotation. I've started pulling out a random bag just to go to the movies or something on the weekend so that they all get used at least a little.


Aug 2, 2011
I am extremely guilty of buying, buying, buying, and then having them sit there. It is sad to say that i have many that have been well over a year if not longer that still have tags on them. Im ashamed to admit but there have been times when i am looking for something and i discover something that i totally forgot i even purchased. I am working at trying to be conscious about my purchases and making sure that when i buy it, it will be something that i will use and not have it sit around collecting dust. Although this new fall line has made that very difficult, i mean how many clutches do i honestly need? ;)


Sep 19, 2011
Super guilty!! Currently sitting in my closet w tags are my Madison gathered shoulder bag w wallet, my Foie Gras tote, my pinnacle Laila, and I just received my Hamptons editorial basket tote... Not thinking about returning them, i guess I'm just waiting on going somewhere special to take them out for a spin!!