How long do you gals wait.....

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*Workin Girl*
Oct 4, 2006
before you resell a bbag or any purse. I have a rule that I need to really start following: If you don't use it within the first week (clothes, shoes, bags) return it. Or If you haven't used it within the last month sell it!

I am only asking because I have a lilac first but haven't taken it out anywhere. I find it too small at times (more like all the time) when I am packing it, that I just decide to use my city on a daily basis instead. So should I keep or sell it?

How long do you let something sit in your closet before giving it the boot???

Thanks girls!

I'm more attached to my bags so it usually takes me awhile to sell it off even if I don't use it. I'll say an average of 3 months wait...
I didn't wear my lilac Day for six months. When I finally took it out, i had to force myself to get over the bright color in public. Now, I LOVE it, and am so glad I didn't sell when I thought of it (like ten thousand times). So, I would say six months or even longer... You just don't want to sell something you would end up missing. I sold an 04 grey hobo that I miss everyday! Good luck.
I haven't sold any of my bags, yet. But I am thinking about selling off some Coach bags that have been sitting around totally unused for more than a year (this was before I discovered BBags, so now Coach has absolutely no chance!).
I have things in my closet that I havn't used for ages...but that I am really attached to. I havn't used my greige day since I got it but I love it and the weather is really grey so...I think it all depends if you can allow yourself to keep a little here and there that you only use ocasionally or if it keeps you frome getting a bag that you would use and love more :yes:
I am at a total of 13 Bbags and plan on adding 2 more this year. I have never sold a bag and don't think that I will, EVER. Some of them have not seen the light of day in at least a year. When I do use one I hadn't in a while, its as though it is a brand new bag. I think it helps me not buy too many.
I guess I am in a different place here as I have sold a bag the same day that I have gotten it. I usually know right away if something is going to work or not for me. I don't like to old onto things because I know I will get attached to them and I will not sell them and they will sit in my closet. I would rather have a bag I will use then one that will sit there.
Meemie- I can't agree with you more. I was starting to feel that i was the only person who felt that way. I guess I am just very practical. If I don't use something, why keep it?
the thing is, then (just as bad as i get buyer's remorse) I don't want to be hit with sellers remorse and wish i hadn't sold something.
but alas.. out of sight, out of mind i guess???
I think there are at least two types of people when it comes to handbag lovers--- some only want to keep the ones they use all the time and don't like bags or other things just sitting there not getting used, then there are those like me...who don't have to use it to love and enjoy them! kind of like a collection...that you admire! I have sold or given away a few bags in the past, but on the whole if I love a bag, whether I use them or not, I love that they are there and will take em out here and there and adore them! Am I weird? part of it can be that I am in a time in my life...with two kids under 5 and one on the way...where I don't always like to use my nicer bags doing errands around them...

But I have to say even I know when to give a bag a boot... after time has passed, a bag I used to like may no longer appeal to my taste or may just feel outdated to me, so then I decide to sell it... right now, my coach or my kate spade and dooney bags really need to go because I've finally taken the step/plunge towards purchasing bbags and chloe and not sure, if there is ever turning back?!! Help! (but doubt I will ever let go of my LV...I will always love them!)