how long do you dry between coats?

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  1. I'm really inept with nail polish. I tried (again) the other day to apply Essie Minimalistic. Love the color and if you don't look too closely it doesn't look bad. But if you look closely it's streaky. I've seen people say waiting to dry between coats helps. How long? 10 minutes? I'm thinking next time I'll try a coat of base, then a coat of Sugar Daddy (which doesn't streak), then a coat or two of Minimalistic.
  2. I apply from left to right, starting with left pinkie, ending with right pinkie. I apply the second coat as soon as I’ve finished with the first. Mind you, I’m not good at it, so I’m probably doing it completely wrong.
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  3. I’ve heard that using a matte top coat over the first layer of a streaky polish helps with the next couple of coats. Use a glossy top coat at the end.
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  4. I find with pale colors like this I lay down the first coat making sure to cover everywhere I want covered but it's a thin-ish coat. Then my second coat I come back strong with a thicker amount and I don't bring it fully to the already-established edges. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone or not, but it works for me with crellies and real pale colors that tend to streak. Plus the thick second coat gives me some play and I can even it out.
  5. Thank you for the tip, this is good to know. Definitely something I’m trying next.
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