How long do you debate before you buy a Spy?


Sep 4, 2006
Was wondering, how long you debate before you buy a spy.

Do you see a colour and think "must get that no matter what", or do you see more and more pictures of it and the bag grows on you or do you not like a bag at all at first and then one day think "That is so lovely".

I know with my Cherry I saw a picture of Victoria Beckham and her Cherry spy and thought I must get that no matter what, my Petrol I keep seeing pictures of and then thought must get that. The Wisteria Honey for some reason never gave it a second look, was not to sure of the colour plus the bags are a lot less bubbly, but then saw a girl on the PF modelling it and just thought Wow:yahoo: so thats how I got my beautiful Wisteria.

So how do you get your spys, do you think long and hard about the right one or just "know" you must get it?
I impulse bought two of mine, and couldn't be happier. Would do it all over again. Bought my third with much more deliberation, looking at leather and color and price more selectively.

I've been deliberating my next spy purchase for a very long time, and resisting temptation to buy more spys in the interim, even ones that were great deals. I'm looking for spys in perfect green, cherry, and one nice limited edition leather color from next season. But I'm waiting a long time waiting for the perfect ones to come up. that takes some discipline and saving up. Discipline... discipline...:sweatdrop: I'm prepared to wait as long as it will take for the perfect one to come along. And then I'll act quickly.