How long do u need to get your makeup/hair done in the morning?

  1. I am always really late in the morning and I end up skiping the "beauty" part. But now that I have more and more flaws on my face, it really looks "neglected". And I´d like to look more groomed and put together. So, how long ? And what do you get done for that time ?
  2. Yeah, I usually like waking up later too and neglect the 'beauty' part. On most of those occasions though, I spend like 5 minutes putting on the essentials (so I don't look dead). Those consist of: concealer, blush and lipstick.
    When I have a lot of time on my hands or just feel like doing makeup, I'll spend about 15-30 minutes. Depending on how creative I get and/or if I'm singing along to the music that's usually playing (I get carried away and throw diva performances in the washroom lol). Full makeup session usually consists of: Toner, face lotion, concealer, liquid foundation, gel eyeliner, curling of lashes, mascara, eyeshadow, blush/bronzer and maybe lipstick.
  3. I don't do anything with my hair - It's always wash and go. :shame:

    And I take about 25 minutes to go through my morning face routine (tone, eye, moisturise etc) + makeup.
  4. Thanks ! BTW Jan I absolutely love Toronto, it must be pretty late right now ?
    Back on topic I usually just wash my face, put the eye and face serum+moisturizer, put my glasses on (instead of contacts) and tie my hair into a pony tail and basta....
    But I have serious under eye dark circles, a few pimples and olive skin gone pale -beurk- and my hair are really long.
  5. Yeah, it's about 4:30ish. Earlier, I slept for 3 hours and woke up, not being able to fall back asleep since I'm a nocturnal creature. So I'm here for a few more minutes lol. And yes, I love Toronto. I think I'm going to live here for a very long time.

    For your dark circles, I suggest you apply some concealer if you are concerned about how it looks in public. I really like the liquid one with a lipgloss-like applicator by Estee Lauder. That one is the best I've used thus far. It should minimize the the appearance of pimples and other small flaws as well. If you can't get rid of the pimple, it's going to at least reduce much of the pinkness and blend it with the rest of your skin.
  6. I hate leaving the house not looking put together. It will bother me the entire day if I feel I don't look at my best (which I understand is most likely due to my own personal insecurities).

    I get ready in just under an hour.

    My morning routine goes like this:
    - pee (haha)
    - brush teeth
    - shower
    - blow dry hair quickly
    - makeup
    - flat iron hair
    - pick an oufit
    - leave

    If I'm going out to the club or some other special occasion, I add an extra twenty minutes to half an hour since I'll probably do a lot more outfit changes and wear a bit more makeup. :yes:
  7. Me, too! Exactly. LOL!
  8. It´s funny you say that bc I have insecurities too, but weirdly I am OK leaving the house bare skin, I know I don´t look that attractive but am OK with it. Or was....
    I was part of the people with a pretty face naturally,and considered make up for special events only and loved creating the surprise but showing my potential.
    but now I´m turning soon 30 (and the flaws kick in) , my wake up call was when I went out with my usual "surprise" effect (full make up, hair done and contacts) and a young colleague couldn´t recognize me and said I looked better that way.....So I am like, why not embracing my potential, and just look better everyday, and more professional at work ? A normal day is OK, but if I have unexpected meetings with people then I am embarrassed, and that´s just add up to my lack of self confidence !
    Oooh that´s an idea for a new thread...."your personal relation to make up" (apparently I use make up as a seductive tool as if I was playing dress up....)
  9. It depends where i'm going and how much time i have to get ready.
    If i'm going to college and have to be in at 9am then i probably wont have more than 45 mintues to get ready so i have to do what i can in that time!
    My make up normally doesnt take me that long, i only use foundation, bronser, mascara & lipgloss if im going to college. Obviously it would take me much longer if i was going out in the evening.

    My hair depends on how i wear it, if im wearing it straight i will make sure i wash it the night before so i can leave it to dry naturally and then straighten it in the morning. I never wash my hair in the morning, (unless im going out in the evening and have all day to get ready) I always try to wash it the night before as it saves so much time.
  10. if i need to wash and straighten my hair it takes me about an hour. the days when i dont wash my hair im done in about 20 mins. i hate blow drying my hair so i let it dry naturly for as long as i can before it starts making me late.
  11. it depends if i just put on basic make up...around 30mins
    if i need more sophisticated look + making my hair like curling etc...ah hour or an hour n half maybe...
  12. My hair takes me forever if I am wearing it down and need to blow-dry it, as it's pretty long, so if I am doing a full shower with shampoo, blow-dry, and makeup, it takes me about an hour and 15 minutes. If I am skipping the blow-dry or I am just wearing it up, cut off 15 minutes to a half hour on time. My makeup consists of Bare Minerals w/ SPF foundation, concealer, bronzer, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, and gloss or sometimes just a moisturizing chapstick.
  13. I usually shower & blowdry my hair the night before to save time, and i'll straighten it in the morning. My routine is as follows:

    6.45am - wakeup
    6.50 - straighten hair
    7.15 - breakfast
    7.30 - get dressed/brush teeth/makeup
    8.00 - out the door!


    If I just want to leave my hair curly, well that's a whole other routine! :p
  14. Well, usually I end up applying my makeup at work LOL. But for hair, it's mainly wash and go, except when I want to wear bangs (I have to blow dry them, then flat iron.) I'd say no more than 15 mins total.
  15. Wash up/shower
    Brush teeth
    dry and/or flat iron/curl hair (but I only do my hair about twice a week and it lasts a few days)

    It takes me about an hour total.