How long do they last?

  1. I'm curious. How long does our luxury bag last? Assuming that we carry it frequently. ;)
  2. Years at least. 5 to 10 years I would say for almost everyday use. For life for a not-so-frequent usage.
  3. I have a Coach bag from 1993 that is in tip top condition. I did have to send it to them once for refrubishing the piping and it cost me all of $20.00. I don't know about all the european bags? I just started collecting them this year.
  4. I think they should last a lifetime, or until you get bored with it.
  5. forever!
  6. I was wondering how much use most of you really get out of your higher-end bags. I'm pretty hard on mine, I have a ton of stuff I have to carry around all the time, and that plus traveling means I need a bag that can really deal with the stress. And I don't want to get a purse I'll have to replace in a year or two...

    So what would you say is the best bag for resisting wear and tear? If you tend to buy one specific brand most of the time, how well do you think it holds up?

    Thanks for your help and opinions!
  7. My bags need to be sturdy. Among other things, I travel and schlep manuscripts. My work bags get shoved under airplane seats, tossed about in cars, crammed into hotel drawers and dropped onto desks, chairs and floors. They don't live pampered lives. Although many of my high-end bags have held up well over the years, LV handbags in particular, my favorite workhorse comes from a Milwaukee leather outlet. It's a pebbled leather old Mitchell briefcase bag (black with luggage straps and trim) from the 80s that I've used for books, student papers, and every job I've had since -- and it still looks great. The hardware shows some scratches from use, but the leather barely looks worn at all! Every few weeks I rub her down with some leather conditioner and she's good to go. Seriously, 20 years of hard use and the stitching and clasps and straps are still going strong, just developing that darker patina on the saddle parts. And the leather looks softer and better than ever. Meanwhile, my sister buys a new bag every year because hers fall apart on her. If a bag is well-made, it will wear beautifully. I look for good, thick leather, impeccable stitching and practical design (is entry into the bag easy, are the pockets well-placed, etc.).
  8. I've not had any high-end bags long enough to tell.

    But, in the past, I've had mostly Coach and they last forever. I have a Patricia's Legacy bag in black leather that I carried like a messenger bag all through college. I crammed books in it, carried it in the rain/snow, put it on the floor. It's 8 years old now and it still looks new.

    I guess the bags that I carry now don't really get carried often enough to wear out. They sit in their dustbags until I decide to use them, which is only a couple times a month max.
  9. I've never had a durability issue w/ any of my bags.
    I don't baby them, but I probably can't say I'm super hard on them either.

    Although I'm a COMPLETE Chanel fan, if I had to suggest a very durable higher end brand I guess I'd say LV canvas bags.
    I don't prefer those, but they can definitely take a lickin' since they aren't leather.
  10. I like Tods, their bags are very durable. I am also very easy on my bags, I have a very large rotation and I don't usually use a bag for more than 2 seasons.

    Get a good sturdy Tods tote for carrying all your stuff, they have an inner zipped compartment for your wallet and or cell phone.

    I have a Lambertson Truex Jessup tote that is great if you have to carry files around, has a nice zipped compartment in the middle for thing you want to keep apart, key ring, credit card/id card slots and cell phone/pda slot. This abg is very well laid out for the business woman. It retail for just over 1k, you might even find it on sale since it's from the Spring 2007. The leather on these bags is very durable, I highly recommend!
  11. I think it really depends on the brand and bag. I had one that needed repairs after only a few months of constant wear. Most have held up and look brand new with only some conditioning here and there. Cost does not seem to be a factor since the one with issues was my most expensive bag at the time. I tend to have better luck with older companies like Coach, Tods, etc. Although this isn't always true, in general I have had more issues with young, trendy companies or lower end designer bags with multiple tiers like Michael by Michael Kors.
  12. my mom has had her plderst lv for about 25 yrs. i hope all my louis last that long! i think too that when something is super expensive, we tend to baby it more, which makes it last longer.
  13. Wow, thanks for all the input guys. LV seems to be getting a lot of votes, looks like I'm going to have to check some of them out. Thanks!
  14. Mulberry handbags are ver-r-r-y sturdy!