How long do the nylon bags last?

  1. I am very much into leather bags, but am finding myself drawn to a couple of the nylon bags. How well do they hold up over time?
  2. OMG I love the nylon bags...I use them when I don't want to put my leather bags "at risk"....rain/bad weather/bar scene..........You can't kill them..they never die..I just brush any fallout off and restuff them and put them back in the dustbag.....Go for it!! You won't regret it...!
  3. if you get the black color, it will last FOREVER without any maintenace......
    i throw mine on the floor, in the rain, to the grocery and still looks brand new
  4. I love the nylon.
  5. There's a VERY nice black nylon/leather satchel on Bluefly that I really like, but I still can't bring myself to pay $800 for a nylon bag. I'm not sure I could even pay $400, but that would definitely be a more reasonable price to my thinking.
  6. Thanks ladies! :tup:
  7. forever. the nylon holds up much better than the leather. I had a nylon/leather tote i bought in the 90's and i finally got rid of it because the leather was coming apart -- the nylon was good as new.
  8. for the rest of your life and beyond. If you get a Prada, you might need to replace handles once in a blue moon but nothing happens to the main body of the bag, it's as good as new forever.
  9. I love mine, it has the animalier dragon. Still I use it if it looks like rain and to travel in. They're great bags and I much prefer the Prada style to the Longchamp bags, I'm even thinking of getting another one.
  10. I have the black nylon backpack and I love it. I use it for all the bad days.. rain, snow... it wears extremely well.
    I highly recommend it!!
  11. Good to know :tup: And here I was worried that the nylon wouldn't last as long as the leather :p
  12. I have a Prada nylon messenger bag that I bought a few years ago and it still looks brand new. You can REALLY get use from the bag and it'll hold up extremely well.

    I highly recommend you get one.
  13. i have a black nylon tote for about 10 years now. I had been using it as a school tote for the past year, dumping loads of books in it and it still looks great!
  14. I was thinking about getting one too. I think they are soooo nice.
  15. I have the nylon backpack, it's been everywhere with me, when I travel, I either wear it or stuff it in my carry-on --it is so durable and convenient, doesn't show dirt and always looks good. I also have a beige nylon/leather pocket satchel/shoulder bag, and I've been very pleased with it's durability.