How long do SNAD claims last?

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  1. (Sorry this doesn't pertain to bags...) Mods, you can move this if it belongs somewhere else.

    I bought a pair of shoes on Ebay on April 14. Received them the 18th. (So happy with the fast shipping...)

    However, the shoes were listed in the auction several times as a size 7 (they were really an 8....printed all over the shoe).

    They were also advertised as being worn once, for only a couple hours.

    Long story short, the shoes were filthy. Absolutely filthy. Worn through a forested park on a wet day, let me say. Mud everywhere. Inside, caked all along on the bottoms, everything. GUM on the bottom. Filthy. Not to mention I can't wear an 8.

    Anyway, I took pictures right away and then contacted the seller that night as well. (I'm a bartender, so I got home late) I gave him a week to respond to my nice email asking for a refund. Nothing.

    So, I filed a claim and immediately put it up to a dispute. This was April 26.

    I STILL haven't heard anything from them. I thought that PayPal had up to 30 days to decide. Is it typical for them to wait until the very last day to decide a claim?

    I'm just gettting very frustrated because I have a pair of shoes that I cannot wear, that do not fit, and no money to buy a different pair. Sigh.

    How I have such a love/hate relationship with PayPal.
  2. Have you called Paypal? Seems strange to take soooooo long
  3. No, I haven't called yet. I figured they would just tell me to wait the 30 days.

    I don't know.

    I thought the claim was pretty cut and dried. SNAD....wrong size. Not newish like advertised.
  4. Did the seller respond to the dispute?
  5. What is the status when you log on to the Paypal console? Is it 'awaiting seller's response'?
  6. I think I remember getting an email from PayPal saying that the seller disputed the accusations and that the case was under review.

    However, in the "messaging" part of the claim, the seller never responded, nor sent me an email.
  7. in the claim part, it should state all the actions to date. if there is no seller action, the seller hasn't responded. also like Miss Sooky said: if you open the resolution centre page it should tell you what action happens next. if the seller hasn't responded it should state awaiting seller's response.

    i have heard that it can take some time, once the seller responds to the claim. actually, there is another thread where paypal asked for authentication after some 30 days I think. so it can take some time.
  8. In my experience they will wait the full 30 days unless the seller agrees to issue refund/partial refund, even after that time if they find in your favour and the seller clears their account you may not get a refund as this has happened to me before now.

    Good luck
  9. When I check the status of the claim, it says "Reviewing case."

    And it has been 27 days....because the 26th would be 30 days. As far as that goes, doesn't Paypal freeze the seller's account?

    Because, unless he was an idiot, there is no way that the seller wouldn't take the money out of his account within that time frame.

    So, what you are saying is that even if they side with me, the seller probably doesn't have that money in his account? So I probably won't get a refund?

    Sigh, Paypal....
  10. no they freeze the funds. but if there was nothing to begin with, they have nothing to freeze. then it depends if it falls under standard ebay or paypal buyer protection. how much were the shoes, if you dont mind my asking?
  11. It came to $59.95 with shipping ($50 without?). (They were a pair of Anthropologie flats)

    They aren't really expensive, but nevertheless, I was still bummed when they were filthy.

    About freezing the account....he has been selling lots and lots of Anthropologie things since the claim (all positives). He's changed his name, but it's still the same user. It has the little symbol next to it. So, in theory, he should have money in his account.

    Does freezing the account only freeze our transaction?

    If it helps, this is the auction: (stock photos, yes my fault)

    And here are some pictures I took.

    Attached Files:

  12. You should definitely get your money back and paypal's minimum protection is $200.
    Your seller is most likely refusing to respond. I would go ahead and give paypal a call to see what they have to say.
    I would want my $$ back too!
  13. ^ actually, I don't think the seller is refusing to respond. if that was the case, the claim would have come to an end based on the seller's non-response after 10 days and would have been found in the buyer's favour (happened to me twice...).
    but yeah, you are covered under ebay's protection programme for sure, although there is a checklist of what types of conditions have to be fulfilled. also, in the auction listing it will tell you whether this seller qualifies for paypal's buyer protection programme.

    I am not sure but i guess only the funds for this auction might be frozen.
  14. :tdown:UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!:wtf:

    Quoted from her auction:

  15. If it is under review, 4-5 weeks.