How long do repairs take?

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  1. sorry to keep posting about repairs but I was ondering how long it takes?
  2. my mother's repairs took about 2-3 weeks i think but i can't remember......they did a great job tho :P
  3. Bonsoir, I've sent my Speey 30 to the LV boutique in Toulouse (France) for changing handles (too dark). It will take 4 weeks.
  4. LVLover, just out of curiousity, is the repair regarding the colour of the brass corners fading? Because I remember you recently posted a thread asking if anyone experienced that happening on their LV bags.
  5. I just had 2 handle replacements on 2 Reade pm bags, they took 6 weeks.
  6. Took mine about a month or so.
  7. I asked to have the zipper replaced on my black pochette and it took a month.
  8. When they replace the handles, do they replace the triangle-shaped thingies that the handles attach to? Or, is that a different repair?
    I bought a new speedy to replace a very old and worn one, and got a water mark on that triangle part before I even got out of the house with it. Ugh!!
  9. eyelove: Yes!! I brought may bag in today and I was told that they were going to take a picture of the area then email the pic to the repairs dept. to see if the corner piece could be replaced. 2 SA's told me that they had never seen the finish wear off to show silver, but I have it on my white MC speedy and keepall and by blue and white l'fab. I'm gonna be PO if they won't replace the hardware. I don't care if I have to pay (which I think is BS if I do) I just want it fixed. By the way all of these bag are not even 1 year old.
  10. oh man that just is not right!!!!
  11. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your bags! Quite frankly, I think these defects are inexcusable, considering the prices that we, as buyers, are paying for these bags (eg, one Le Fabuleux is $3250 US, and if I converted it into Canadian dollars after tax, it's almost $4500).

    Very disappointing...

    I hope the repairs turn out well!
  12. I'll keep you all updated. I'm supposed to be getting a call today. I'm feeling so anxious, I just want answers!:sad::cry::weird:
  13. I had to have the bottom panel of a Mat bag replaced. I sent it to LV 5th Avenue and they had to send it to San Dimas. It was gone for around 3 months.
  14. Too bloody long! (pardon my french). It's been 6 weeks. Ive called them 3 times. hey keep saying they will call me when its (my trapeze) ready. Grrr.
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