how long do intl bank wires take???

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  1. Im supposed to be recieving an intl bank wire from Korea, it was apparently sent yesterday but it has not hit my bank yet. Does anyone know how long they typically take? I bank with Bank of America and they said it normally shows up right away, but to give it a day because it depends on how fast the other bank processes the wire.

    anyone have any idea?
  2. I Was Getting A Bank Wire From Poland And It Took More Than A Week .
  3. My buyer in the Netherlands sent one yesterday and I it hasn't hit my account yet either. I am also curious to know how long it will take to show up, I'm with bank of America too.
  4. usually it would take 3 business days. but it can be faster than that.
    i think it depends on both bank's if they have good relationship or not.
    i was sent by a buyer from spore with citibank to my acc in indonesia adn it took only 2 days.
  5. Good to know! Thanks
  6. Hello, as I know, bank wire from Asia to USA will take 5 business days. I ever received money from USA and it took 5 business days to reach me.
  7. It takes about a week if it is international.
  8. Usually 3 business days, but there are small banks out in the hillbillies that will longer to process, sometimes up to 5 business days.
  9. 3-4 days in my experience if it's outside of europe, within europe it's pretty much always 2 days. except certain crappy uk banks that take longer than that even within the country.
  10. great to know! thanks
  11. Mine came through yesterday so it took 3 business days. However, today I noticed a $10 processing fee on my account. Quite a bit considering the payment was under $30!
  12. Ok, seriously...I still didnt get it. This buyer reg on the 27th of jan and in a span of 1.5 weeks has managed to buy alot and Ive contacted her sellers and shes been paying for the items...has gotten 5 feedbacks so far within a few days from high power sellers buying high end chanel. She emailed me to tell me not to worry because she shows payment as pending? hmmm...if she went into a bank and wired would she know it was pending? maybe she did online transfer? is that possible from korea to the USA?
    she insists that she sent it, I have not gotten it..todays the 5th business day. what should I do?
  13. I think you should wait a few more days. Maybe she scheduled the payment to go out when she got paid and that could be why it's pending. Also international bank wire transfers can take anywhere from 3-10 days (according to a BOA rep). If she had made lots of purchases and not paid for any then you might need to worry. At least she's answering your emails which is a good sign.
  14. I've only wired money from Norway to the UK, and I did it on a thursday or friday and it got there on a tuesday or wedensday if I remember correctly. it would probably have gotten there faster if I did it outside the weekend.
  15. I've wired from my country Malaysia to a seller in San took her only a day...2 days the latest to get it.