How long do international bank wires take?

  1. Hey guys...I was wondering if anybody knows about this? I'm waiting on a bank wire transfer from France that was sent on Tuesday...hasn't it been a little long? Should I be worried? Thanks guys!
  2. I did a bank transfer on Tuesday to US and he told me that he received it this morning. He told me international transfers can take 3-7 days. I know normally its 3 days.
  3. 3-5 working days. Mine took 3.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I'd love to know too.

    Anyone here send/receive a wire transfer from Germany to the US? I've been waiting on one that was supposed to have been sent last Friday. It's been a week/5 working days already...
  5. Give it at least 3-5 working days. Some will take longer due to the time zone difference, holidays in USA vs other countries, and even the banking hours in other countries. If you can, go online and see if it showing up as a pending transfer, then you know its there working its way to be credited to your account.
  6. We do wire transfers in and out of the country and they take 1 business day. Be sure to get the reference number and if your wire isn't showing up you'll have to call the wire department with the reference number and the exact amount.
  7. I've been checking online and there's nothing there.:sad:
  8. my mom sends money to me from Vietnam to US and it shows instant in my online account (or maybe within 1hr)- but clearing time is depends on your bank (mine is 1day)
  9. my aunt sends me money from the US every now and takes me 2-3 days max...have u tried asking ur bank with regards to the hold up?
  10. I asked yesterday at my bank...they said it should only take 2-3 days, but that there's no way to check if it's pending or anything...I'm getting a bit worried now....
  11. ^^ It seems European banks use a different system for wiring funds and since American banks don't use the same system there is a bit of a delay. However, if it's been this long then I suppose you are right to be worried.
    I just sold a Chanel purse to a newbie ebayer from Europe who emailed me daily up until Friday. First attempt at a wire to the US had the wrong details(or so she said),so she tried again more than a week ago. No payment in sight, and now I haven't heard anything since I asked her to confirm with her bank. I guess it was all a hoax. Wasted 2 weeks of my time and now I have to wait 5 more days before the dispute can be resolved.
    I hope in your case it really is just a delay.
  12. ughh...that sucks! I fear my situation may be the same kind of thing...:cursing:
  13. I think it may be faster if customer's bank is affiliated with yours, like HSBC which has branches worldwide - in which case bank transfers are instant.
  14. oh dear...that sucks...has she kept in touch with you?? if not i would start filing an NPB now...and gives you 8 days to come to an agreement with the buyer...
  15. yea...I asked about the reference number thing and she said they only gave her a receipt. So we'll see, I guess. At least she's still talking to me lol!