how long do i wait? WWYD?

  1. yes, another WWYD, because i value everyone's opinions here :yes:

    i sold my first and only item on eBay on 3/17 (late)...a coach item...

    i sent an invoice the next the invoice is dated 3/18 even though the item sold on 3/17...i even left a note on it to contact me with ANY questions, comments or concerns....

    i have not heard 1 word from the buyer...and i can see she has left feedback for other sellers, so i can see she has been online and in eBay

    in my TOA I say payment must be made w/in 48hrs....which will be tomorrow....

    so, do i send off an email tomorrow night and if so, what do i say?

    i have a feeling this is going to be a first time seller, bad experience :sweatdrop: but i hope not:shrugs:
  2. I would wait until the 48 hours is up, send a polite e-mail asking if she still wants the item as your terms state that you require payment in 48 hours. Tell her that you would like to relist the item if she doesn't intend to purchase it. That way you won't come off in an aggressive manner. Then give it another day and if she still doesn't respond I would file NPB and relist the item. You might want to check with eBay rules to see how long the grace period is before you file.
  3. thanks for your advice!!! i will check with ebay rules!
  4. I think Ebay says buyers have 7 days to pay before any action can be started, so it may be that she is confused by the 48 hours or simply doesn't think it applies? I tend to give buyers the whole 7 days to pay, but send an email about 5 days in if I have heard nothing politely reminding them the 7 day limit is approaching and I'd like to dispatch their item etc. I love being paid immediately, and often am, but alas don't feel I can enforce it!
  5. Hm. Ok. I guess I got my 48hr policy from some other auctions that I bid and won. I have seen it often and figured I would do the same.

    Oh well. I did send a nice reminder...I was super nice. So, I will just wait and see what happens.

    It being my first sell, im just a little nervous! LOL
  6. Aw, you poor thing. Try not to stress too much. I am sure you were lovely in your emails and there is nothing wrong at all with expressing a preference. Alas, the problem is that these preferences aren't necessarily enforceable according to Ebay policy. Anyway, hang in there and let us know if you have any updates. I am hoping this is a great first Ebay sale experience for you.
  7. In my humble opinion, 48 hours is a little unreasonable -- even though you have seen it on other auctions. 5-7 days is much easier on buyers (especially if they work, travel for business, don't check eBay every day, etc.).

    Keep the faith, I hope your sale goes through!
  8. Maybe it is just ME but when I have won an auction, I know I have won! I know when it is ending and I have the bid that I submitted. So I just don't seem to understand why it takes bidders days to know they have won. Maybe it's me though, when I bid on something, I get super excited to get it so I bid and pay fast. But I digress....I have had bidders not contact me for like 4 days so I would wait and send an email again if you feel better doing so. Also Ebay requires 7 days from auction close before you can file a NPB report so you have no choice but to stick it out for a while...sorry hun!
  9. Thanks for everyone's responses! I really appreciate them. I will give it till the '7 days' and see what happens!

    Will update, as soon as there is one!
  10. I give buyers 3 days for Paypal; 7 days for M/O.
    It seems to be workable for most; I've only had a couple of deadbeats since I started selling in 2000.

    You do have to wait at least 7 days to file a NPB; then you have to wait 10 days after that to get your fees reimbursed.
  11. Hi, I am having this exact same problem :s but with 2's so frustrating isn't it? I was wondering...Does anyone call the winners of their auctions if they receive no contact whatsoever? Or is that a bit...too much?
  12. Hi thats happening to me too. I had a BIN option on an Best Offer sale. I had some great offers,but ist feedback person chose bin.Sent her invoice she has not wrote or answered me do I wait 7 days too.I wonder.

  13. AGAIN, thanks for everyone's responses.:smile:

    I will wait the full 7 days. I am going on 5 days since an invoice was sent....3 days since my last email to her.

    If nothing by the morning of the 8th day, I guess I will report it as unpaid and leave her a negative:push:
  14. what a week or so after you file a NPB to leave the negative.
    Once she doesn't respond , then leave it so she can't leave one back to you.

  15. THANKS!! I will do that!