How long do i wait for callback?

  1. I've waited for 3 weeks already and have called about 3-4 times to an SA in NM Palo Alto because she told me that she would help me get a Patent Leather Blush Flap. She said that there were 2 in all of NM and said she would call me back when there is info..i called last week and she told me that she will ask her manager again. When should I call to check up on it again? I do not want to annoy her but I really really want it and well, honestly, if she can't get it - i don't want to waste time and want to purchase another bag instead...What should i do?? :confused1: Is there another way to obtain the Patent Blush Flap?
  2. the only other option is to find out what those stores are, and then call directly yourself. i hate waiting when i really want something.
  3. Me too! I hate when they just keep you waiting. Sometimes they won't tell you the other stores. I've even called almost every Neiman's myself once, trying to locate a pair of shoes. I finally got a pair that had been returned that day (they were sold out, but I was determined). It was the Beverly Hills store. They were the 14th store I called. :p
  4. Is she the only SA you work with? If you don't have a set SA, you are free to ask other SAs to help you find the blush flap, if you do not think that she is trying to look for your bag.
  5. Try calling Chanel? I wouldn't wait either. Sometimes SAs aren't really trying to find you the bag. It's easier to sell something you have than spend time trying to track something down. I think you've waited long enough -- if not Chanel, call Saks, BG, etc or even another NM.
  6. I would call other stores yourself. Another store is more likely to sell a bag they have in stock directly to you rather than give it to another store. I've heard the boutiques in Vegas (at the Bellagio and Wynn) have a great selection so that might be a good place to start.
  7. I give it 4 days and then I call and/or start calling other stores/sources. I worked in high-end retail many years ago. To find an expensive item is NOT that hard for a customer. A manager is out (unless special circumstances) no more than 2 days in a row. Main offices/buyers are there 5 days a week, 9-5. Most retail stores are open 10-9 M-F and have the same or a tad shorter hours on the weekend. I NEVER took more than 2 days to find ANYTHING for a customer; and this was before stores had look-ups, inventory was on-line, etc. A SA can fine it IF they wish to put the time into it. Honestly, I think most SA's don't care to. If it isn't in their store, or takes more than 2 calls to find, they don't bother. Also, some SA's who have a list of customers tend to "spread the joy around". Meaning, you got the bag last time, now it's another customers turn and so on (if it's a popular bag). I've seen it done many times; then and now. Knowing this and knowing there are other options to finding what I want, I give specific SA's a chance and then I do it myself. I ALWAYS get the bag I want. I refuse to wait knowing the way it works.

    I would do the legwork myself and reward the person who helps you by giving them the sale. FYI: I'm STILL waiting 3 weeks to 4 months for assorted "Call Backs" from some SA's. Needless to say, they will NOT get my business in the future.
  8. i agree. ^^^ i had a chanel sa i called twice and he kept swearing he would call me back. finally 2 weeks later i went in to the store and saw him and asked and he said "oh i didn't realize that was you. sorry.... blah blah blah" i will NEVER buy another thing from him. ever ever ever. it really is common curtosey to call someone back, even to say you DON'T have whatever it is. i would just call around yourself. and when and if she ever calls say "oh, i'm sorry, i found it myself" she's the one losing commission...
  9. Wow. That is pretty appauling.
  10. agree, call around yourself. Good luck.