How long do I leave self tanner/bronzer on?

  1. I went to the spa today and got a body scrub and then a bronzer done. I forgot to ask if I can wash it off tomorrow morning! Or do I have to wait 24 hours? Help, I want to go shopping tomorrow and try on some dresses and I can't if I can't wash this bronzer off in the morning!:hysteric:
  2. HUH? If it's a bronzer, you can just wash it off. But if it's a self-tan, you gotta scrub it off.
  3. Are you wondering if the new color you have will rub off on the dresses you are trying on? In short, yea maybe. If its a self tanner then it should be dry within a few hours. After that time I believe it "dyes" the pigments so when you take a shower you are basically taking the excess off (like dead skin cells). If it is a bronzer then it will just wash off when you shower so then you have no color transfers to worry about.